Wednesday March 31st, 2010

The exercise:

You get a double assignment today: write a poem using some (or all) of the words in the following list:

Yoga, Muse, French, Dance, Teacher, Nature, Music, Garden

The second part of your assignment? It's Kat's birthday today and all those words relate to her in one way or another. So feel free to make your poem about her or for her or however you can manage it :)


Yoga mats are gently placed
Upon a deck beneath the sun;
Nostrils are filled with the scent
Of herbs swaying in the garden.

A calming voice leads us through
Deep breathing and meditation,
Before we progress into
Free flowing sun salutations.

We don't need a stereo,
Birds are providing the music;
Our souls perform a slow dance,
The peace is nearly hypnotic.

As the class draws to a close
We know we're all nature's creatures;
With a final vibrant chant
We say thank you to our teacher.


Greg said...

Hmm, interesting challenge! And happy birthday too, Kat!

I like yours, it conveys the tranquility of a yoga session rather well.

Yoga, in the French garden,
Is reserved for certain students,
Where the Muse grants inspiration,
And the Teacher imparts her wisdom.

Nature's subtle music permeates
The jasmine-scented air,
The students stretch in quiet worship,
A slow dance, a perfect prayer.

Marc said...

As Kat put it: that's beautiful.

Thanks Greg :)