Friday March 5th, 2010

The exercise:

It's a beautiful, sunny Friday outside... so of course I'm not feeling very well. Sigh.

Anyway, your four lines of prose this week, partially inspired by Kat starting Spring Break today, shall be about: breaking point.


We all knew Ernesto was close. We just didn't know what would be the final straw.

But we should have at least known better than to continue carpooling with him.

Now as we're stuck in yet another traffic jam and he's pulling a gun out of the glove compartment, I guess it's safe to say he's finally reached his breaking point.


Greg said...

If your weather's anything like here, it'll be beautifully sunny but still freezing cold, so being inside may not be such a bad thing! It is nice seeing the promise of Spring though.

Great little story too; until Ernesto pulled the gun out I wasn't sure where you were going to take this. It's a really well-thought-out vignette.

Breaking point

Lucy reacted first: "Ernesto, what are you doing?"
"Clearing some traffic," he said, his eyes fixed on the snarled up cars ahead and his other hand groping for the door release.
He was out before we could react and we heard the gunshot, all of us expecting the sound of glass at its breaking point next.
It turned out Ernesto was shooting at the truck carrying flammable gases.

Marc said...

It's actually quite warm here... in the sun. In the shade is quite another story :)

Surprised but pleased to see a continuation. I like that you worked in another breaking point reference but then swerved me at the end.