Friday March 12th, 2010

The exercise:

Kat is away until Sunday night on a retreat, so your four lines of prose this week shall be about: retreat.

Clever, no?


“The captain has sounded the retreat!”

“I’d rather die where I stand than turn and flee like a frightened kitten!”

“But they’re serving crème brulée for dessert at the Mess tonight…”

“Oh yeah… after you, then?”


Greg said...

Is this a yoga retreat by any chance? I like the idea behind a retreat, though I've not been on one. I think there are writing retreats, aren't there?

I like yours, the idea of fighting for Crème Brulée quite appeals to me :)


"Mommy, James stole my sweeties!"
Lauren sighed, standing up from the washing machine where she'd been hunting for a lost sock. How could an invisible friend steal sweets from anyone? Still, Marlon had been well-behaved all day, so perhaps she could re-treat him.

Marc said...

Something similar to that, yeah.

I'd love to do a writing retreat one day. There's a place that does them on one of the Gulf Islands that is very appealing to me :)

And nicely done with the tweaking of the prompt - I did not see that coming at all :D