Saturday March 20th, 2010

The exercise:

I've recently rediscovered Artpad and have been playing around with it a little bit. It's hard to get any delicate details on a laptop but it's still fun just to create random pieces of art. I made something for Kat and emailed it to her but hotmail seemed to think it was spam.

"This message may be dangerous," she read out loud when she checked her email.

Thus, this week's four line poems shall be about: dangerous art.


I admired the painting,
The use of colors and bold lines;
But when I turned to walk away,
It kicked me in the behind!


Greg said...

Heh, sounds like hotmail rejects anything with an image in it! Either that or it recognised your email address and decided that you were dangerous....
Artpad's site seems to be down as I'm writing this, but I'll pop back another time and take a look at it, it looks like fun.
Cute little poem, it made me smile at the end :)

Dangerous art

"Your sculpture just mugged me,"
I complained to its creator.
"Then you probably shouldn't view,
The statue of the armed aviator!"

Marc said...

That sounds like a rather risky art gallery to wander into unawares! :)