Tuesday March 23rd, 2010

The exercise:

Your Two Haiku Tuesday topic this week: the airport.

Sorry. I was talking to one of my sisters last night and she was telling me about the trip she's planning on taking with her husband to Italy and it got me thinking about travel.


You're drunk and angry.
That's fine - as long as someone
else can fly this plane.

*     *     *

It seems to me that
everyone's in a rush but
no one is moving.


Greg said...

Heh, but it doesn't take very much to get you thinking about travel, does it? Speaking of which, it looks like I'll be in BC in late April -- the week starting the 26th -- for work. I'll be in Kamloops (which, from the map, looks like it might be quite a way outside the centre of Vancouver) but it's still close enough that we might be able to go for a drink if you're around :)

I like your first haiku best, although the second is more contemplative and seems to have a deeper meaning.

The airport

Planes comes and planes go
The airport never changes -
I'm lost in travel.


The guard from Customs
Wants to strip search me -- again!
I should have driven.

morganna said...

God neglected wings
For humans. They built their own.
Can they save their world?

Marc said...

Greg - That's very exciting news! We'll have to figure something out for sure. Will you be there over the weekend?

Hah, I was thinking about doing one about Customs but couldn't decide on something that fit the format - good job on managing it :D

Morganna - I like that a lot. Especially the first two lines. Nicely done :)