Saturday March 6th, 2010

The exercise:

Feeling better today. Had a good sleep last night, so that helped.

Also this:

That's a 2006 Saturn Ion. Kat and I thought it looked unhappy at the dealership so we decided to give it a new home. It seems happier here.

Your four line poem prompt this week is: a new addition to the family.


Our little family
Has grown from two to three:
Two members organic,
One needs a mechanic.


Greg said...

I sincerely hope that your poem's not precognitive! That's a nice looking car, although you've not told us who the handsome chap stood in front of it is ;-)
Is this replacing an old car, or have you decided you need more mobility at the moment?

As always, it's hard to critique a four-line poem, but this one's pretty good; I like the rhyme scheme, the jauntiness, and the lovely little sucker punch at the end.

A new addition to the family

The astronomer watched the skies
As the meteorite dropped into orbit;
A new member of Earth's family
Demanding the attention of the tides.

Marc said...

Ah ha, oh dear - I didn't think of it like that! I just meant that the car requires a mechanic to keep running smoothly, while we don't :)

Oh, that guy? Just some random supermodel who happened to wandering by...

Kat and I have been using a car sharing service for the last couple of years. It saved us quite a bit of money but it was time to get something of our own, especially with a couple of trips to Osoyoos coming up.

I quite enjoyed your four lines. The rhyming of skies and tides almost snuck by me but I managed to catch it :)