Tuesday March 16th, 2010

The exercise:

Four hours of training this afternoon. In a room that was hot enough to kill off the weaker ones amongst us. I never would have guessed that this new program training was just a front for survival training. Who knows what the two hours of training on Friday will have in store for us?

Anyway. It's Two Haiku Tuesday. Let's write about: keep it simple.


Those big words you use
Go sailing over my head...
Like, way over it.

*     *     *

Simple it could be,
theoretically. But
simple this is not.


Greg said...

Wow, that's not a good room. Sadly training often gets relegated to rooms that no-one else wants to use, and they're often too small for the number of attendees too. Perhaps you could make a point by dressing as Lawrence of Arabia for the next one?

I like the second haiku better, but partly because I suspect the first is implicit criticism of me.... :-P

Keep it simple

"It's so simple, look!"
You do twenty things too fast
and then pity me.


It's only simple
If explaining it takes less
time than doing it.

Marc said...

That's a fine idea - I shall go costume shopping tonight! And I definitely laughed out loud at your impression of my first haiku :D

Your first one is funny and your second one is equal parts funny and true. The combo wins it for me this time :)