Friday March 26th, 2010

The exercise:

Your four lines of prose this Friday shall be about: the taskmaster.

On a (somewhat) unrelated note, that was one long week at work. I'm happy to see the weekend walking through the door as I type this.


His footsteps in the hall resounded like the drumbeats that galley slaves used to row ancient ships to - maybe that's what he did in a previous life. Beat massive drums to make convicts and prisoners of war propel his master's ship faster and faster until they died of exhaustion.

It wouldn't have surprised me if that was the truth of it.

I began typing away at my keyboard again as he neared my cubicle, the heavy iron chains attaching my wrists to my desk rattling in time with each keystroke.


Greg said...

Yay for the weekend! Quick update on my Vancouver trip -- it's being moved to May 10th (I knew they'd change the date as soon as I told you!) but I've now been told that Kamloops is a plane trip away from Vancouver itself. So I've been told to spend a day in Vancouver or so, to see the city and avoid hassles with transfers (and the consequently long day), so with a bit of luck I'll be in Vancouver at the weekends before and after, which might make meeting up a bit easier :)

Your taskmaster sounds like quite a fearsome fellow! And I bet those iron chains do nothing for carpal tunnel syndrome. I could almost feel like I was there from your writing.

And congratulations on being an Ultimate winner on Seven days, Seven answers!

The taskmaster

The Taskmaster stood in front of the Council of Nastiness, stark naked and disturbingly hairy, and cracked the six foot bullwhip he was holding.
"I have been brought in as a consultant," he announced in stentorian tones, "to improve tactical and strategic planning, and to..." he paused, staring at the Powerpoint presentation on the laptop screen in front of him, " cook your dinners."
Dr. Septopus nodded, steepling all of his tentacles together and clacking his beak.
"I don't recall the cooking dinner part," said the Taskmaster, claws sprouting from surprising locations.

Marc said...

That is very exciting news! I would have been willing to take a day off work to drive out to see you in Kamloops, but this works much better :)

Somehow, after reading that bit of creepy writing, I am still excited about meeting you. :P

That last line did make me laugh though.