Tuesday March 9th, 2010

The exercise:

Your Two Haiku Tuesday topic this week: the fisherman. Or fisherwoman! It matters not to me.


His beard of sea salt
feels like the finest cashmere
to his waiting wife.

*     *     *

Two missing fingers,
one torn nose. I guess the fish
were biting today.


Greg said...

I like the second one better, but the first one has a kind of cold, northern romanticism to it.

The fisherman

He sits by the bowl,
Paw poised, eyes aglint, hungry;
The fisherman's cat


Cod and chips for tea,
I say a silent thanks to
Those who fish the sea.

morganna said...

Dip a net in the sea,
Pull it back, what have you got?
Happy, sad, angry.

Fishing for men brings
Back all kinds. Toss some in, but
Keep the wrigglers.

The two are meant to go together, and the last line is missing a syllable, but I felt adding it would destroy the rhythm.

Annie Cristina said...

Watch me cast the net--
I don't need to use a lure
To catch you, my dear.

Okay, so it's a figurative fisherwoman. ;)

Marc said...

Greg - I do quite like your first one, but I find it hard to resist a rhyming haiku :)

Morganna - haha, I love that last line, haiku rules be damned!

Annie - ah, that's lovely. Nicely done :)