Wednesday March 10th, 2010

The exercise:

I saw snow for the second straight morning today. After taking February off and most of January as well, it would appear that winter has come back in March.

Thus, your prompt today is: winter's march.


Through woods and fields,
Over hills and dales,
He comes, he comes.

Through pale blue lips
And ice cube teeth
He hums, he hums.

He brings the snow,
He brings the ice
With grace, with grace.

He strings the trees,
He fills the sky
With lace, with lace.

With thick wool gloves
It's time to sound
The drums, the drums.

For Winter with
His frosty touch,
He comes, he comes.


Greg said...

I heard yesterday that over in Monkton, NB, it snowed solidly all day long last week, so I'm less surprised than I might have been to find that you're still getting snow in BC too. I hope it's not a nuisance :)

I like the rhythm you've chosen for you poem, the third line of each verse really adds a martial air. I'm not completely persuaded by "With lace, with lace" but I can't think of a better line there, so that's not a criticism!

Winter's march

Non-uniform but uniformed,
Irregulars all dressed in white,
Fall to earth in their legions,
Conquering this land tonight.
The wind is strong behind them,
They march ever forth,
The million soldiers of the snow,
Invading from the frozen north.

Marc said...

It wasn't until this morning - the roads turned to slush in a lot of places. But then the rain finished most of it off so the commute home was less messy.

And yeah, I got quite stuck on the lace line but I also couldn't think of anything better.

I really, really like yours. The first four lines in particular.