Friday November 12th, 2010

The exercise:

Four lines of prose about: pizza.

We got winter tires put on the car on Wednesday morning and the mechanic told me to come back after eighty or a hundred kilometers to get the lug nuts tightened up. Problem with that being we're heading to Vancouver tomorrow morning and we'd only put on about twenty by this morning.

So I went for a drive. Brought my camera along, took a few pictures. On the way back I stopped to take this one and I wanted to share it because I don't think I've properly shown you guys where I live yet. Our place is somewhere around the middle of the picture, maybe a bit below that:

So, yeah. Leaving tomorrow morning, coming back Monday. Posts for the next couple days will be scheduled, I'll get to your comments when I get back. Not sure how much NaNo work is going to get done this weekend, but I'm hoping to squeeze in 1,000 words over the next two days. This is what I built up my lead for.

Update: day twelve. See you guys on Monday!


Paul maneuvered the car onto the sidewalk as pedestrians scattered in every direction. He honked his horn a few times to encourage the slower ones and the seniors. He waved to the drivers stuck at the red light as he sped past them, and he could see a few of them were thinking about following his lead.

None of them did, but then none of them had a pizza to deliver in under twenty minutes - any later than that, and it would be free.


Greg said...

You do have some beautiful countryside where you are! That's a lovely picture, I feel quite serene just looking at it.
Thanks for your comments on yesterday's effort; I quite like Pestilence and Famine myself, so I shall see about using them now and again here. I might even throw up a Protagonize post too, though that might be December before that happens.
Enjoy Vancouver! I hope its busy-ness isn't too much of a shock after the calmness of Osoyoos :) And your four lines are very nicely done indeed!

Dave prodded the pizza gingerly and flinched sharply, the legs of his chair skittering back across the tiled floor of the pizzeria, as a cockroach crawled out.
"Vince, what the he...?" he croaked, his throat dry and his appetite vanishing.
"Pizza," said Vince happily. "I decided to get something new, so I picked the Miss Haversham!"

Watermark said...

Today's prompt made me hungry so I think I'll be having pizza tonight :)


He took a big bite, chomping carelessly until an unexpected burst of flavour no sooner than followed. It was like a melody in the making with the crunchy crust melting into the blend of sweet tomatoes, spongy cheese, pungent basil and luscious olive oil. There was nothing plain about a Margherita in Naples. It was all about the taste and he was ready to set his taste buds free.

summerfield said...

marc, i like that little jerry is a natural at using the sword. today my 2 young grandsons are with me and part of our schedule is that i will read to them the jester's journey's ten chapters (it would be fun what excuse i'd give them if they want to hear what's next - ah, the author's still writing the next chapters, boys! hahaha. the six-year old even brought his styrofoam sword and plastic shield.

greg, cockroach on pizza, yowsers!

watermark, methinks i shall have pizza for breakfast.


She opens the menu, an old vinyl album cover of The Doors and the half image of Jim Morrison wearing skin-tight shiny leather pants, surprises her while its other half hides behind the glued-on printed menu of deliciously described appetizers and salads. She turns over the page to look at the entrees and thinks the 'Sexy Vegetable' sounds ridiculously funny with its erotic description attributed to eggplants, zucchini and squash, giggling as she reads them. The steak sounds sinfully delicious with the crumbled feta cheese on top, the gorgonzola veal seemingly shouts 3,500 calories while her favourite risotto beckons her with fist-sized scallops and giant tiger shrimps in a creamy veloute that makes her stomach grumble. The waiter arrives with a glass of red wine and she casually hands back the menu: "Illicit Pizza, please."

Heather said...

Marc- I have witnessed that scene, being one of the cars in line at the red light.

Greg- I think I'll stick to the usual, thank you very much.

Watermark- I love Margherita pizzas. I would love them more if I could enjoy one while in Naples.

Summerfield- Your menu reminds me of a restaurant here called Smut and Eggs. It's very popular with the gentlemanly crowd on weekends.

G2- You posted at the same time as I did yesterday. I did read it and it was really quite good.

Steve's eyes widened in anticipation as the young man carrying three boxes of pizzas worked to climb up the steep icy driveway. Tiny step by tiny step the man drew closer, his concentration on staying balanced evident in his posture. Hands thrown in the air Rocky-style, a spasm of delight leaped from Steve's lungs as the delivery guy tumbled backwards. "That makes three on one night," he yelled to his college buddies in the other room.

Zhongming said...

@all – wonderful, I enjoyed reading that and certainly felt hungry and craving for pizza!



I could smell the absolutely fragrant cheese smell of the pizza even before I was at the doorstep of the pizza shop. It was driving me mad that I happened to be craving for a Hawaiian Pizza. I’m thinking of savoring a large piece filled with tomato, cheese, ham and my favorite bacon! So I went in there but… “Sorry we’re closed, please come again tomorrow” as it was already 10pm.

Marc said...

Greg - the busy-ness was okay, as long as I remembered we were just visiting, and not living there anymore :)

I think I'd take a pass on that pizza.

Watermark - pizza in Italy is mind blowing. That and the gelato.

Summerfield - that's so cool! I hope they like it :D

That sounds like one heck of a place to eat dinner. And I'm bad enough perusing menus until I can't decide what I want at normal restaurants!

Heather - that reminded me of some guys I knew in university.

Zhongming - hah, great comedic timing and delivery with that final line. I wasn't expecting it at all :)