Tuesday November 23rd, 2010

The exercise:

Two haiku about: music.

Rest is good. Writing is going okay. Update later.

Hmm, with even a half assed effort I could have turned the above into a haiku. Oh well.

Update: day twenty-three. On track to hit 50,000 words on Thursday.


He never dances
when the music plays; he fears
his own two left feet.

*     *     *

The hills come alive
at the sound of music - so
please use your headphones.


Greg said...

Sounds like you've had a relaxed and peaceful day off then! I'm spending too much of my week conducting WebEx sessions with parts of Canada (they're weird, it's like talking to myself in a little room for 90 minutes at a time) and trying to push any new work into the new year.
I like your first haiku best, but the second one made me laugh. The first one contains a certain poignancy that I just find really appealing.
Oh, and everyone's business cards yesterday made me smile too when I read through them all :)

Break the music box
And the orchestra will stop:
They just copy it.


Flutes sing in summer,
Cherry blossom falls from trees,
My soul journeys west.

summerfield said...

oh, drat! more hurdle for the jester to overcome. i'd be so stressed if i was him.

marc, your first haiku is all me! - i can pretend to be a "he" sometimes :)

greg, i like your second haiku best for the sound and sights it invokes.


the music's only
in his head but it's too loud
it needs toning down.

firmly grips the mic
the karaoke hugger
sings way out of tune.

the last one is an observation - whenever i'm invited to a party where there's karaoke singing, the good singers don't really care for it, the ones - shall i be kind? - who totally couldn't carry a tune (even if their lives depended on it) are the ones who just wouldn't stop or wouldn't let go of the microphone. in a way i like it as it gives me a reason to leave early - migraine headaches, etc.

Zhongming said...

Marc - your first haiku made me smile and your second is really interesting :)

Greg - I like both of your haiku, great stuff! :)

Summerfield - I like both of yours too, I think It must have been real annoying for your second :)


It search deep within me -
The feeling that I felt
When I'm just beside her.

It conveyed the words that
I wanted to say but I never
Because she deserve much better.

morganna said...

The drum sounds, flute sings
Feet stomp in time, whirling round
Troubles sink away.
Hope you don't mind, Marc, I based my haiku on the image of the gypsies dancing.

Enjoying the novel. Is it possible that the dragon is not wreaking havoc and is being framed by someone intent on disrupting the kingdom and claiming the crown? At least that's my take on the plot twists you're tossing out.

Watermark said...

Marc: I like both your haikus, especially the second one and your first one made me smile at the thought :)

Greg: Your second haiku is beautiful! Brilliant stuff!

Summerfield: I like your second one and laughed at your description of the karaoke singing! How true!

Zhongming: very expressive and touching stuff :)

Here's mine:


Pitter pattering -
bare feet on marble floors and
rain in showers fall.


It carries with it
across the times, memories -
strum another tune.

Watermark said...

Oops must've been posting at the same time as you, Morganna - I like the image of the gypsies in your haiku :)

Budd said...

Jukebox Hero
Boy practices chords
The future is in his hads
A rock guitar plays

Strings, winds, percussions
all flowing into one sound
Smile crosses her face

Marc said...

Greg - your second haiku is just lovely.

Summerfield - it's always the ones that shouldn't that end up wanting to the most. Seems like a general rule of life some days.

Zhongming - I like both, but your first one is particularly excellent.

Morganna - mind? I'm honored :)

Watermark - two great haiku; I'm especially fond of the second one.

Budd - beautifully done, particularly the second one.

Julia said...

Just stumbled on this blog. Love it! Here's my two.

Nightingales warble,
Squirrels munch, and snakes slither.
Nature’s symphony.

She sits, blowing an
Imaginary trumpet,
Head swaying to the sound.

Marc said...

Julia - thank you, I'm glad you happened upon it :)

Two great haiku, but the first one is my favorite. Very nicely done! Hope to see more from you soon.