Saturday November 13th, 2010

The exercise:

A four line poem about: friendship.

Spending the weekend with friends, so it seemed appropriate.

This is a scheduled post. Will be back Monday.


We don't speak for weeks
When we get caught up in the herd,
But each time we meet
I cherish every single word.


Zhongming said...

Marc - Have a great weekend ahead!


They exist in us for a reason.
They reflect choices we’ve made.
Friendship isn’t some kind of trading.
They stick with you through thick and thin.

Greg said...

@Zhongming: That's a great description of a true friend, I really like the last line.

@Marc: this is a scheduled comment to your post. Obviously I had to guess what you'd write about, but I'm confident you chose pickled warthogs, and you're right, they are delicious.
(Oh, and if, on the off-chance, you chose friendship, then I think you've expressed your sentiment very nicely ;-))

The sails are unfurled and the wind is high,
The sun is shining on this start to our trip,
And though seas may be high and weather black,
We'll see it through on our friendship.

Watermark said...

Zhongming: great stuff! Quite insightful, actually made me stop and think a bit - so true! :)

Greg: love the analogy! Fantastic!

Mine's a bit cheesy...


My friends live afar, not even by car
can they be reached.
Though years apart, what’s in the heart
can never be breached.

Anonymous said...

Friends arrive and friends take their leave
carried by wind like dusty bone
Reminding that in life we too
depart as we arrived: alone.

summerfield said...

excellent sentiment on friendship, you guys. mine's been said and posterized so many times, but i'll give my own take:


friendship is like a colourful flower garden
flowers of red and purple, pink, blue and white
some you like best, some just a little bit
with fleeting butterflies and the occasional slug.

hahaha! if my so-called friends would ever read this, they'd know who's the "slug". ah, this merits another post in the blog.

Marc said...

Zhongming - thank you, and your poem has so much truth in it.

Greg - pickled warthogs, hey? Duly noted.

Enjoyed the play on words :)

Watermark - that's okay, I like cheese :)

I liked it, it has a lovely, fun rhythm to it.

Allycat - a little depressing, but well done regardless.

Summerfield - nicely done :)

And don't we all have to put up with a slug or two?