Saturday November 27th, 2010

The exercise:

A four line poem about: the author.

See what I did there?

It's a balmy three degrees out today, so I'm thinking of taking a trip to the beach, maybe do some tanning.

Update: day twenty-seven. Just couldn't get going today. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.


He writes with ink-stained fingers,
Happily unknown;
If he didn't hear voices,
He'd feel quite alone.


Zhongming said...

Marc - perfect description of a true writer :)

The author

His wild mind never cease to rest
Whenever an opportunity arise, he'll write
He permits his pen to dribble throughout the page
When he is at his desk as wild as his mind

Anonymous said...

@ Marc - :) Very nicely done.

@ Z - Imagination is sometimes an author's best companion, n'est pas?

The author washes the walls and mops the floors clean
Next tidies the files, scrubs tub grout with a brush
Bane and foe of authors is Procrastination
Commanding neither with pen nor paper to rush.

Watermark said...

It's great reading different takes on the same prompt! Builds a true picture from different angles.

Marc: Oh yes rings so true! Befitting even :)

Zhongming: lovely description. I like your 3rd line!

Allycat: Ah procrastination! I like how you deliver it in your last line - nicely done.

Here's mine:

A wandering mind fully entwined with thoughts
and a distracting notion, only but a contraption
for words, to paint many a feeling and plots
in his mind’s eye, nothing is certain.

Greg said...

@Zhongming: I think you've caught the racing imaginations of many authors quite well in just four lines.

@Alleycat: I don't think my procrastination has ever been quite so diligent as that in your poem, but I've definitely been there!

@Watermark: your poem today feels like a cross between prose and poetry, but is well-delivered and I like it.

@Marc: I can relate to your poem today! Writing is a quite solitary kind of thing though; with too many other people around, the poor author can't hear those voices at all.
I hope you are in the cabin by Christmas, that would be a great end to the year!

The author
His 'name' is there,
Signed, for all to see.
He is the author,
Of all of these graffiti.

Anonymous said...

@ Greg - ah yes, diligent is a word that describes me in all I do, be it for good or ill (inc. procrastination!). lol @ your poem, who could've seen that coming!

@ Watermark - indeed, indeed.

summerfield said...

marc, the grands loved it. but now they have questions for you (oh, shit, i said, and i was promptly asked to put my dollar on the swear jar!): have you ever seen a dragon? is jerry going to get killed by the dragon because he's not very good at using the sword? what if the dragon blows fire on him, will jerry die from being burned? and a lot more along that line. ah, things coming from the mouth of babes, eh?

everything seems to have been covered by the group on the prompt. and i am left blank for the last three days - that vampire thing sucked the life out of my creativity and i hope it is just a temporary thing. or maybe it is just procrastination? fabulous job, ladies and gentlemen.


the author

everything clever had been said and written
and i sit here without my Muse and totally abandoned
and now i can't write not one rhyme nor rhythm
'though i can say i'm the author of this lousy four-line poem.

yay for self-mockery!

Marc said...

Zhongming - 'his desk as wild as his mind...' that's great :)

Allcat - ah, procrastination is always most dangerous when you're actually getting stuff done. Well, stuff that's not writing, obviously.

Watermark - lovely rhythm to your poem.

Greg - your poem made me think of Tagged, which both made me happy and sad. I must pester Archi again.

Summerfield - those are all very good questions! Reading them made me want to get that dang story finished... I will do my best.

Love the poem, by the way :)