Friday November 5th, 2010

The exercise:

Four lines of prose on: one way or another.

We went shopping in Penticton today and I came back with two new pairs of pyjama pants. Which I shall be living in for the next few months.

Looking forward to not going to the market tomorrow. Still working though, as the garden needs cleaning up and preparing for the winter.

Writing is going well, thanks again to dialogue. Update to come.

Update: and voila. I seem to be having the most fun with characters I hadn't planned on writing until I realized they were required (first Grace and now Colin).


There have been a lot of ups and downs with the cabin renovation costs, and money in general since we moved here. The plumbing cost less than we expected, the windows more; the electrical was less, the flooring more; an unexpected pension refund from my last job, an unexpected tax payment to the government. Today we got a quote for our winter tires and it was a bit less than we were figuring - but then we got the bill for the window installation, which was of course more than what we'd planned on.

I guess I should get used to the idea that the money is getting spent, one way or another.


gada said...

He came to under blinding lights and hospital whitewash, disinfectant assaulting his nose, and moans of the wounded surrounding him. Craning his neck he tried to get a glimpse of his wife and son, but then with a crash, it all came back to him. The walk through Belfast, Jerry on his shoulders, showing him the streets he grew up in before moving to America and then the meal at the roadside restaurant. The two boys running past their table, men in camouflage chasing them, and then the hail of bullets that tore their surroundings apart. Trying to crawl to Laura and Jerry as they lay there, blood seeping through their clothes, surprised expressions on their beautiful faces...
"I'm sorry sir" said a nurse interrupting his thoughts, "they didn't make it"
The present came crashing back, bringing only pain and hurt, an emptiness filling his heart with fire as he remembered who was responsible...
The British would pay for what they had done. One way or another he would get his revenge.

gada said...

Oops, i kinda missed the four lines bit....

Watermark said...

Thoroughly enjoyed reading everyone's postings yesterday! Today's prompt brought back that old song for me so I went along with it :)

Marc: your novel is such a fun read and I keep looking forward to the next chapter everyday! I hit over 10,000 words yesterday with mine which is a world record for me so very happy :)

Gada: reading your piece took me to another place. Good imagery - almost reminded me of a scene out of Michael Collins (the movie).

Here's mine:

The lyrics to that old Blondie song kept coming back and now the tune was playing in her head – over and over – in the background to the thoughts gripping her, like elevator music. It was enough to drive her insane, especially with the long drive ahead and with the fog, it would take even longer to get home. She fumbled with the radio dial while trying to keep her eyes on the road until suddenly she stopped at the song playing: One way or another, I’m gonna find ya I’m gonna getcha getcha getcha... She pursed her lips momentarily and started humming along while all she thought about was that she would get home – one way or another.

Zhongming said...

Marc – Ah, I read your day four and five together, just a moment ago. Wow, the original details are so specific that it’s still spinning in my head! Although I’m really curious about the second secret that Colin told Gerald :)
Looking forward to day six!
Great piece today, It seems that the money is really being spent one way or another with good balance in mind, I suppose?

Gada – that’s really intense, enjoyed the read :)

Watermark - I share the same sentiments as you but the best joy that i am experiencing is that the growth of writers doing daily writing is increasing :)



The love that he embraced for so long has finally broken down as he sat down quietly alone to let his thought run through his mind. He felt deeply confused about what he saw earlier, his wife with another husband, caught in the act – red handed. He left without a word when he saw that scene, he just went back home alone to think about it deeply with thoughts of “should I divorce her?” His chest felt heavy, tears began to roll down his face as he looked right into the mirror before his punch landed on the broken glass and a fist covered with blood…

Greg said...

@gada: you may have missed the four lines, but that doesn't matter -- the quality of your writing more than makes up for it!

@watermark: your tale is uplifting, and I'm sure I've been there many times :)

@zhongming: that's a very moving scene you've described!

@marc: pyjama pants? For two months? Surely you need a smoking jacket to go with them!
Enjoy your day off tomorrow too, I think it's well deserved. And changing homes is always expensive, I can completely sympathize with you :)

One way or another

The labyrinth was well lit, and the walls had interesting designs painted on them, which somehow weren't quite different enough to help Michael find his way. He paused at an intersection, and decided to toss a coin to choose one way or another.
"What are you doing?" asked a voice from behind him.
He turned, coming (inadvertently) face to face with the Minotaur.

morganna said...

Great day 5, Marc.
With this feature, with that one, without this one. Even with a coin flip, it was so hard to decide. One way or another, they had to choose. Which booster seat for the car to buy for their son?
Guess what I did today? :)

summerfield said...

"Mom says you can't go to the party cuz you're grounded so how come you're all dressed up?"

"I'm going through the window, you lock the door and pretend we're fast asleep so she doesn't come in."

"What if she breaks the door down?"

"Well, one way or another I'm sure she'll find out, but I'll be long gone partying, won't I?"

marc, i enjoyed reading day 5. i love colin! your characters are so alive i have nary a hard time imagining them. i love that as i read i am right there with the characters. tomorrow i'll bring a thicker wrap so i don't get cold inside the castle. you da bomb!

gada: it's a very poignant scene, your piece.

watermark: "thoughts gripping her, like elevator music" - i like it!

zhongming: your piece brought back memories of me punching through the wall of our house when i was 21. wrong move. my hands are my bread and butter and one was sore and painful for so many days. ouch-y! i should find the short story where i wrote about it.

greg: the minotaur surprised me more than it did your character. brilliant!

summerfield said...

sorry, morgana, didn't mean to ignore you. what did you do? heck, now i'm so intrigued, i have to know.

Heather said...

Marc- I love the work that goes into renovating/ remodeling. It is very satisfying for the soul, but it drains the checking account rather quickly.

Gada- The rules are fairly loose. You can give it another shot next week if it really bothers you.

Watermark- That song was the first thing that came to my mind when I read the prompt as well. I am still catching myself humming it.

Zhongming- How very painful for the husband, and eventually, the wife.

Greg- I had visions of Indiana Jones holding a torch. Great visuals, but I have expected your character to be searching for the Holy Grail. (I guess my son's obsession with the man has infected me.)

Morgana- It's an exciting time. Go with the convertible model. In the end it will save you a ton of money.

Summerfield- That must be some mother or maybe an over active child's imagination! Breaking down doors! I myself would choose to get the key.
"I am never, ever, ever going to do it! I don't care what you say," the little brunette boy screamed at the couple hovering over him, their faces awash in an equal amount of determination to match the child's defiance.

"One way or another, you are going to return that toy," said the woman, her hands on her hip and a wry smile turning up her lips, "unless you prefer going to jail for shoplifting."

The child's eyes, wide open, darted to the man for reassurance, but met only a victorious grin.

Marc said...

Gada - no worries, people forget/ignore that one all the time. My response is always the same: I'm just happy that you're writing, and who am I to tell you when to stop if an idea takes hold? :)

Fantastic writing today, totally gripping and vivid.

Watermark - congrats on 10k! That's awesome news :)

Amazingly, it took me a moment to figure out what song you were talking about. Now... it seems to be stuck in my head :P

Zhongming - a much more somber piece from you today, but as well done as usual. Good work!

Greg - a smoking jacket, hey? I'll tell Kat and see what she thinks :D

I liked the designs being not quite different enough. Also, the Minotaur's calm inquiry.

Morganna - I hope you found a good one! :)

Summerfield - haha, thank you :)

Fun, quick little story that fit the prompt perfectly.

Heather - indeed, I can't wait to see what it looks like when it's done. And I can't wait to stop spending money on it :P

Haha, wonderful vignette. Threatening with jail time to get a kid to do what you want - I'll have to remember that :)