Tuesday November 9th, 2010

The exercise:

Two haiku about: kittens.

So. A wild cat got into the garage recently and proceeded to transport her kittens up to the top of a storage shed in there. Which is about ten feet tall. Kat's mother heard mewing in there yesterday morning, so I found a ladder and had a look with the flashlight from a safe distance. Yup, there was a cat up there. I couldn't see anything else though.

We heard the kittens later in the afternoon. So we set a trap this morning and caught the momma cat. Which meant that the kittens were stuck up there on their own. So up I went, cardboard box in hand. Came back down with five kittens in said box.

Here they are:

They're on their way to a good home now. Unfor... er, fortunately both Kat and I are allergic to them, otherwise at least one would probably have been mysteriously misplaced.

Oh yeah. All that and I wrote a couple thousand words too.


I want to keep them,
though it must be said that I
don't even like cats.

*     *     *

One ball of red yarn
plus four paws equals hours
of entertainment.


allycatadventures said...

@Marc - {smiles}

Here resounds the truth:
No dog’s without its master
nor cat its slave: you.

allycatadventures said...

Oh, *two* haiku; will do.

Bug-eyed and blissful
lolling in herbaceous love
cat’s drunk on catnip!

Watermark said...

Heaped on the doorstep,
with intruders at bay -
and they purr.


Kittens curled up
in bundles,
hop and skip.

Greg said...

@Marc: Well, as little bundles of fur go, they are quite cute in your photo! I'm not really a cat person though (I'm arrogant and aloof enough, without competition from an animal that's expecting me to feed and shelter it...).
Congratulations on saving them though (that high up is probably not a very safe place for kittens, even if the mother cat liked it).
And the haiku inspiration it has given you is good stuff!

@Alleycat: Your first haiku has a definite ring of truth to it! They're both good though.

@Watermark: I think I like your first haiku better, but the second one made me smile (the image of bundled up kittens trying to hop and skip!)

Cruella de Vil
Never cared much for kittens;
Now she has mittens.


Mind of a hunter,
Body of a baby cat:
Sharp teeth maul fingers!

Zhongming said...

Marc – I love both of your haiku, particularly the first one, its fantastic! And that’s a lovely picture as well! I think you did wonderful job with your nanowritmo, keep it up! :)

Allycatadventures – that’s brilliant! :)

Watermark – I agree with Greg’s assessment :)

Greg – wow, you’re definitely improving! Two fantastic haiku!



I feel sad whenever I see
Pitiful stray kitten wandering around
For food and shelter.


Kittens with kind owner
Is as good as
Having a great parent.

morganna said...

Marc -- really enjoyed today's NaNo writing. Thanks for bringing us up to speed on the background of Jerry & the royal family. Really liked the smith.

Greg -- you sound like a perfect cat person to me! :)

Read more about my dragons.

Mrow. Feed me now.
Thirsty. Give me water now.
Thanks, I'll move in now.

Big eyes. Big ears. Soft
Fur, plaintive cries. Can anyone
Resist a kitten?

morganna said...

Oops. link didn't work right. Read more about my dragons here: http://lizbethsgarden.wordpress.com/2010/11/10/dragon-land-part-eleven/

allycatadventures said...

How fun to read all the contributions!

@Zhongming - FYI, haiku format is 5-7-5 ... that is, the first line has 5 syllables, the second line 7 and the third has 5. This is the challenge of this traditional Japanese art form.

Marc said...

Allycat - hah, two fun haiku. The first is my favorite :)

Watermark - love that first one.

Greg - your first haiku made me laugh out loud. And it even rhymes!

Zhongming - ah, definitely truth in both of yours.

Morganna - thank you, I'm so glad :)

Haha, love the first one. And I think the answer to your second one is 'no', from what I experienced.

Zhongming said...

@allycatadventure - thanks for that!