Monday November 22nd, 2010

The exercise:

We're going to try something a little different today. Inspired by something Summerfield wrote here in response to a prompt a few days back, we're going to do up some fake business cards. The sillier the better, I reckon.

Finished all the caulking that can be done right now today, as well as chopped up some more firewood. The fireplace is working fantastically in the cabin - I was able to work in just a t-shirt and jeans again. But I am very, very tired and I will be taking tomorrow off.

Writing... should be interesting tonight. My brain is not firing on all cylinders at the moment.

Update: day twenty-two. Not totally happy with it, but there it is. Hoping to get the words moving tomorrow.


Consistently wrong for over thirty years - Brad Anderson, Weatherman

I get paid to make stuff up - Mildred Williams, Author

Dragon problems? I can keep you safe all knight long - Sir Dustin Drake, Dragon Slayer

Need someone to whip it out and squirt white stuff all over your home? Stan's your man! - Stan Davies, Professional Caulker

Defending the innocent, the guilty, and everyone in between since 1995 - Sam Gray, Lawyer


Greg said...

I always like these little caption-type prompts as it does bring out your occasional silliness! I hope the writing goes well -- you've built up enough of a buffer though to have one less-than-perfect day :)
I think I like your first and second ones best, though it may just be that I laughed the most at them because they were first. They're all good.

Business cards
We make mountains out of molehills - Fred Garvey, Landscape Gardeners

Let us polish you off! - Jessica Stein, Furniture restorers

We'll make you fit! - PPS (Psychological Profiling Services)

No child left misunderstood - GWBush School for the unusually gifted

With this ring I thee dread -

Who am I? - John Galt

Zhongming said...

Marc – I like what you wrote especially “Weatherman” :)
Greg – PPS made me smile and there’s a lot of creativity in your writing today :)


Fake Business Card

Need help to overcome the past? – Andrew Coldfield, Counselor

I’ll do anything for the paycheck, legal or illegal doesn’t matter. – Peter Dunbar, Special Agent

Hacking bank accounts or retrieving business information, look for me! – Michael Brink, Hacker

summerfield said...

aha, look what i have done now. i enjoyed that. marc, mr. anderson in particular, and greg, the PPS bit. and zhongming, michael brink the hacker, funny!

business cards:

Dr. S.E. Xavier, The rapist

The Hon. Umae B. Hung, Judge

I make you look beautiful, no matter what. - Merie Beasley, Make-Up Artist, Eternal Funeral Service

Heather said...

Very funny reading, but not my writing forte. Here they are anyway.

They Poop It, I'll Scoop It-- Phyllis Dawgus, Pet Sitter

You Want To Disappear? We Can Help- Al, Mafia Man

One Sole At A Time-- Jesus, Cobbler

morganna said...

Basement problems? We can solve it. -- Contractor Dracula

Snow and ice shoveling. -- Snow and Flake, LLC
Not the best, but I tried. :) Love everyone else's.

I enjoyed today's NaNo, Marc. It was just a little hard to keep track of all the names and faces. Loved the bit of tension when the 2nd party wasn't at the meeting on time.

Marc said...

Greg - is my silliness only occasional? I must be getting too serious in my old age.

'No child left misunderstood' is... so... awesome.

Zhongming - nicely done, I think I like your last one best.

Summerfield - the judge and the makeup artist made me laugh :)

Heather - I liked all three, but your last one was my favorite.

Morganna - yeah, I was having trouble keeping everyone straight as well. I had to write down a family tree before I even started and I still forgot Lake's wife! Ugh.

I like the idea of Dracula having a business card :)