Tuesday November 30th, 2010

The exercise:

On this, the last day of November, we shall write two haiku about: footprints.

There were some little birdies walking around outside my window this morning:

Going to try to hit 60,000 words for November tonight. Update later.

Update: day thirty. Managed to hit my target. I am looking forward to not feeling the need to write 2,000 words tomorrow.


Footprints in the snow,
turned pink by your dripping blood,
make you easy prey.

*     *     *

Candy wrappers and
crushed beer cans? It seems that you
left more than footprints.


Greg said...

That's a good photo; sparse and enigmatic, with lovely contrast between the snow and wood. I took our chihuahua out in the snow yesterday to see what she thought of it. She seems unconcerned, and doesn't quite seem to know when it's too cold for her and she should go in... just like a child :)
I like your first haiku best today I think, though it could easily be a continuation of the second.

Stark against the snow
These footprints start from nowhere
Then vanish completely.


Your carbon footprint
Has grown so huge with travel
We mine it for coal.

summerfield said...

in toronto, snow's not in the offing at least in the next seven days, but it could change. tonight we hit a high of seven celcius. but with rain.

i am like you, marc. i take pictures of the most mundane things to other people. i find beauty in the way the bird's feet made an imprint on that light dusting of snow. i like the haiku, too, the first one especially.

greg, love your second.


i watched you walk out
stared at your back 'til you're gone
footprint stayed behind.
i know who you are
your footprint gives you away
you, tulip bulb thief!

goodnight, amigos!

Zhongming said...

Marc, Greg, Summerfield - Brilliant haikus – I love all of them :)



Footprints that you’ve left behind
Finally reveal part of your life journey –
Just like a road map.


If you always march forward,
Try taking a step behind and
You may discover incredible footprints.

Watermark said...

Lovely picture, Marc! Enjoyed the haikus, everyone :)


Soft sand melts away,
there beneath a scorching sun –
Tracks lie for the lost.


Etchings in the snow –
Remain deep in the terrain,
footprints large and small.

Budd said...

Marc-loved the first one. so dark.

Greg- Liked your first one as well. the second was very funny.

Summer- the second sounds like it comes from a place of experience and anger.

Zhongming- The second one absolutely speaks to me.

watermark-both good.



Look down at the sand
Footprints framed inside of mine
Small toes got bigger.

leaving your mark

So you are leaving
walking out on everything
footprints on my soul.

morganna said...

Marc -- love the photo (see my 1st haiku :) ). I couldn't quite get the last lines right, but oh well. :) The 2nd one is a cherished memory of mine from when I was little.

I'm going to miss catching up with Jerry every morning, although I certainly understand your needing a break. Please don't end it here for good!

Now the haikus:

Little footprints in
The snow: Fly away home, bird,
Before you freeze.

Big footprints follow
Little ones in the wet sand
Is it follow the leader? Or tag?

Vicki said...

See here....http://vickiswritingbetaplace.blogspot.com/2010/12/hiaku-footprints.html

Marc said...

Greg - I think I would like to see a picture of your dog in the snow :)

And your second haiku made me smile.

Summerfield - ugh, rain? December is snow time.

Two great haiku, I can't pick a favorite this week.

Zhongming - that's a fantastic second haiku!

Watermark - lovely first haiku, I really like that.

Budd - thanks very much. Two very good, very different haiku... it's hard to pick a favorite. Perhaps the first one, for the image it brought to mind.

Morganna - I promise to get back to it at some point!

And I love the picture inspired poem! Very nicely done :)

Vicki - I shall be there momentarily! Thanks for dropping by :)