Saturday October 22nd, 2011

The exercise:

A four line poem about: guessing.

Had a bit of a rainy market this morning, but people still turned up in reasonable numbers so we did pretty well for this time of year. 

Unfortunately our scale ran out of batteries with just over an hour left before closing, so I spent the remaining time guessing weights and doing my best not to rip people off (and probably ripping us off by going too low on the prices in the process).

Ah well, we'll have it recharged for next week.


Examining my poor leg,
I'm sure it's a clean break;
Never again will I try
To guess a lady's weight


Greg said...

Well, I can't see anything wrong with another visit from Henri :) I'm just suspicious that he's sneaking around in disguise and making visits that the rest of us don't know about.
The market sounds good, though the running out of batteries doesn't sound like much fun. Sounds like you need to have a spare pair of batteries for the next time :)
Heh, love the poem. I have this vision of the barker actually picking her up to try and gauge her weight and being slowly crushed by her.

Who made this mess?!
As if I couldn't guess...
Where's my knife? For all this fuss
We're going to play "Guess what this organ does"!

world of experience said...


His name was George
But I'm only guessing
It rhymes with forge
That mnemonic's impressing.

I'm scared...a knife and an organ in one scene...what's going to happen? :)

Marc said...

Greg - true, Henri is a bit of a sneaky bastard.

That's a rather extreme reaction to a mess - it must be a rather impressive one!

World of Exp. - clever little poem, I like it :)

Drake Davenport said...

Poems have been, thus far, my primary weakness on this blog. I'll see how I do today.

I fell on the wedding cake,
and I made a mess,
I think the groom wants me dead,
but that's just a guess.

Marc said...

Drake - practice makes something something :P

If the volume of my laugh is any indication, I'd say you're improving!