Sunday October 16th, 2011

The exercise:

Let's go with: the bargain.

T'was a beautiful fall day here, so Kat and I went for a bike ride this morning that was highly enjoyable. In the afternoon I helped Kat's parents pick apples while she made cookies and then roasted a chicken for dinner. I'd say that was a pretty good bargain.


As soon as he laid eyes on his father, Jason knew he'd made a huge mistake. While he berated himself in teeth-grinding silence, they came together for a brief, awkward hug before returning to a more comfortable distance.

"Boy, I'm really looking forward to this dinner," his dad said. "I hear they do an absolutely amazing prime rib here."

"The best in the city," Jason replied without enthusiasm. "Probably in America, for that matter."

"And you're sure you can afford it? I don't want you to bankrupt yourself just to treat your old man to a nice meal on his birthday."

"Don't worry about it. Work is going well and, more importantly, you're worth it. So just enjoy yourself tonight, okay?"

"Damned right I'm worth it!" Jason's father laughed too loudly and slapped his son on the shoulder. Jason bit his tongue and managed to keep his reply within the confines of his skull.

You also deserve better than that shirt you're wearing - which you obviously found in the bargain bin.


Greg said...

That sounds like a very pleasant day indeed, especially the cookies! Mine was mostly spent working, thanks to Australian customers being a good nine hours ahead of the UK....
There's a lot of bitterness in that story today! I like the way the two characters are so well defined that you can tell who's speaking just from the way it's presented. Very nice :)

The bargain
Another customer spluttered into their pint and spilled it all over the floor. They put the glass down on the bar, swung themselves off the barstool, and left in short order. The manager frowned.
"Marek?" he said. The barman looked up.
"Marek, what's wrong with the beer?"
"Bleach," said Marek, his thick accent making the manager a little uncertain of what he'd heard.
"Bleach, not beer," said Marek. "Much cheaper than beer, but I charge same price. Is bar gain."
"Ah," said the manager, a sigh escaping him, "Let me explain why that's not what I meant by bargain."

Marc said...

Greg - I was tempted to go with the 'bar gain' interpretation as well, but I'm glad I left it in your capable hands :D

Drake Davenport said...

Cookies sound great right now.

Ok, this is gonna be a tough one for me. All I can think of are the two Gorgons that worked at Bargain Mart in the Son of Neptune book that I just finished reading yesterday, offering low low prices on poisoned food.

I guess that would be a bargain.

I never meant to be in this situation. How had I even gotten here in the first place? Oh, that's right. The package in his mailbox. "Classified." How cheesy.

Inside the box was a computer chip. I didn't even have a chance to see what was in it before the first car showed up. And the action took off from there.

Two days and a few explosions later, here I sit. I hid the chip a few hours ago, with a little help from this mercenary guy who randomly showed up yesterday. I guess he had been hired to protect the chip.

Now, I'm crossing my eyes, looking down the barrel of an alarmingly close loaded gun. I guess that chip was worth a few pretty pennies. My life for the chip, they told me. I guess that would be a bargain.

Marc said...

Drake - the Gorgons sound like they'd be fun characters to work with :)

That's not a bargain I'd be interested in!