Tuesday October 4th, 2011

The exercise:

Two haiku about: anger.

Because playing Hearts on the laptop is pissing me off to no end at the moment.

Plus it's late and I needed a writing topic.

The restaurant is putting on an event this week and therefore placed a rather large order with us - the second largest of the year, actually. So we spent this afternoon picking most of it (since they need it early tomorrow morning).

It's probably the last big order of the year, but it's a good one to go out with.


If you think I'm mad
now, just wait until I lose
another damned game

*     *     *

Steam escaping ears,
boiling deep inside - soon it
will be time for tea


Drake Davenport said...

The madder he gets,
The more likely you will hear
Those two words: "Hulk Smash!"


It grates on my nerves
Every time I hear sarcasm
And see their smug smiles

Greg said...

@Drake: I think I like your first haiku better for the superhero reference!
@Marc: Playing Hearts? Is that how real writers procrastinate? ;-)
I think going out with a large order like that is a great way to round off the harvest, even if you did have to spend the whole morning filling it!
I like your first haiku better today, because I can really relate to that sentiment!

But this is anger:
White heat that burns away sense,
Unbound emotion.


Miss Angry glares out
Of the window of her shop
Hating customers

Brittany P. said...

I told you once, I
Told you twice, but you never
cared for me, did you?


You're anger's never
red, but like an icicle
broken on the ground.

Marc said...

Drake - great first haiku!

Greg - I dunno about real writers, but it's how I do it :P

Beautiful first haiku, though I must say that Miss Angry sounds like a fun character to play with.

Brittany - wonderful imagery in your second haiku!