Tuesday October 11th, 2011

The exercise:

Two haiku about: the therapist.

After seeing Kat's brother and his family off this morning, we helped her parents pick apples until lunch time. It's not easy work, but a little bit of sunshine certainly helped.


You're right, sir. Anger
management is for suckers.
Now put the gun down.

*     *     *

He listens closely,
takes immaculate notes, and
then consults the dead


Greg said...

I remember going apple picking as a child, and not being allowed to climb the little ladders that were there to help you reach the higher branches. It was fun for half-an-hour; after that I imagine it gets a little bit boring?
I definitely like your second haiku better today, just for the idea of a therapist who holds séances! The first one is very good too, though.

The Therapist
Poor kerning ruins
His expensive business cards.
He's not "The rapist!"


He swims with dolphins,
Meditates, does tai chi, and
Never once listens.

Drake Davenport said...

I was contemplating making a joke based on "therapist"/"the rapist". It looks like I was beat to it. Haha.

Please, sir, take a seat.
In fact, why don't you lie down.
Tell me your problems.


Eating fried chicken,
And watching tons of TV.
Who needs therapists?

Brittany P. said...

I guess mine are not really about the therapist. Rather they are about a person that has decided to get help.

She sees demons on
TV and listens. Voices
whisper in her ear.
She's heard them so long,
but, crying at night, she knows
something must be done.

Marc said...

Greg - I have an active enough imagination that I don't get bored while picking apples :)

Your first one definitely made me laugh, so it's my favorite this week.

Drake - great minds... :)

Your second is my clear favorite this go 'round - really sums things up nicely for the majority of our society.

Brittany - hey, whatever the prompt inspires for you is a-okay with me :)

I really like that your two haiku go together. They could easily work separately, but are improved by following one after the other.