Saturday October 29th, 2011

The exercise:

Give me a four line poem written by a pirate.

Gotta run, going to be late for the party.

Yes, I'm going as a pirate.


I be not a poet, yar,
But I shall do me best.
I'll miss me First Mate, yar,
And in peace may he rest.


Greg said...

Pirate suits you I think :) Pictures, or it didn't happen!
Your poem is quite convincingly written, I could believe it a pirate's attempt ;-) Didn't I give you the opposite for the crew of the Pink Daffodil -- a poet trying to be a pirate?

By a Pirate
My parrot's got a wooden leg, aar,
It weighs him down a bit,
He got caught by the cook's damn cat, aar,
Because he can't fly so faaaar.

world of experience said...


Be ye a pirate o' seven seas?
Or be ye a pirate o' DVDs?
Polly'l no' say "pieces of eight"
If yer caught hand o'er to ye first mate.

Marc said...

Greg - I think he was more of a poet forced into being a pirate, but I could be mistaken :)

Poor parrot :(

World of Exp. - that sounds pretty authentic to me! Loved the reference to DVD piracy you slipped in there :)