Tuesday October 25th, 2011

The exercise:

Two haiku about: youth.

Spent some time chopping wood this afternoon as it's getting pretty frosty at night. I do enjoy the smell of freshly chopped wood.

Oh, hey. Want to see some pretty fall colours? Here you go:

Those are the trees directly behind Kat's parents house. Glad I managed to capture them before the wind tore all their leaves off.


The scars of my youth
have healed, but I will never
forget their lessons

*     *     *

Silent reflection
on long ago days and nights
while the lights grow dim


Greg said...

You're giving interviews on Protagonize again? I suspect that's the price of fame ;-)

The trees are really beautiful, though I'm sure there's a kind of austere beauty still there even they're denuded of their leaves.
I like your first haiku better today, though it's a fairly close run race between the two. I think it's the nice phrasing of a well-known proverb that clinches it.

Wisdom arrives late,
Only as youth is leaving,
They smile as they pass.


I keep my youth close,
He won't get away again.
Slaves are hard to find.

David said...

Playfully teasing
Soft giggling in the lunch line
Laughter in the class

Hair pulled back in bun
Lips pursed, eyes glare at them now
Children quiet down

world of experience said...

Great photo, great haiku too.

Drake Davenport said...

Ok! I've finally caught back up. Whoo! Now to write some more Haikus.

Dreaming of toy cars,
And never ending ice cream.
It's good to be young.


I can't get real life,
Or understand grown up talk.
Because I'm a youth.

Alex Keates said...

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Brittany said...

A glance, that's all it
took, then mirrors reflected
me older, wiser
Red, yellow, blue; hues
for carefree children. I want
to be young again.

Marc said...

Greg - fame? Not so sure about that one :P

Really liked your first one, though that second one made me smile.

David - love the sentiment of your first one.

World of Exp. - thank you :)

Drake - welcome back! I suspect it will take me some time to respond to all those comments :)

Man, that first one really sums it all up nicely, doesn't it?

Alex - thanks!

Brittany - brilliant first one, that's really nicely done.