Thursday October 20th, 2011

The exercise:

Today's writing takes place at: the zoo.

Came across a couple job ads today that I'll be putting applications in for - one for short term work helping out with the municipal elections next month, the other for something a bit more long term. I'll let you know how things turn out.


Monkey, monkey, behind bars,
Do you wonder where you are?
Do you miss your family?
Do you think the fault's with me?

Lion, lion, in your cage,
They trapped you but not your rage.
I can feel it standing here;
Though I'm safe, I quake from fear.

Viper, viper, behind glass,
You calmly watch time go past;
But your forked tongue hungers still,
This place cannot break your will.

Humans, humans, you're not free,
You're all prisoners, just like me!
One day you will finally see -
'til then, live your fantasy.


Greg said...

Electioneering? Well, it's definitely a worthwhile thing to do, and I know how exhaustingly demanding local elections can be for the people involved, so I think it's a great thing to help out with :)
That's an unusually bleak ending to a poem for you! It works well though, and it delivers the punch you hope for when you read it. And the "Twinkle twinkle, little star" rhythm is rather cute too.

The Zoo
"Product placement," said Colonel Peter Pepper-Pillopot, a man who spat his p's and was hardly ever invited to introduce himself.
"This is a zoo," said Sydney, Vice-President of marketing, wiping her face with a tissue. Her voice had the annoying nasal whine of a mosquito, which is why her boss had sent her to show the Colonel around and listen to his ideas for improving profitability.
"Product placement," said the Colonel, "powers profitability." Syndey cringed, yellowish saliva running down her forehead. "What are you selling here? In this place?"
"People come to see the animals," she said, "and there's a gift shop at the end where they can buy keyrings with little giraffes on."
"People purvey?" Sydney's handkerchief was now so soggy it fell apart as she dabbed at her face again. "Then you need to sensationlise the exhibits. Throw a monkey to the lions twice a day."
"The monkeys don't breed fast enough," said Sydney, her mouth dropping open in horror.
"Possums? Pigs? Parrakeets?" roared the Colonel, making Sydney regret having her mouth open.
"I don't think–" she started, but the Colonel's eyes had lit up and he started scribbling on a notepad.
"Genuine cage fighting! Panther vs Lion! Tiger vs Leopard! First blood only, of course, because the animals are expensive, but it'll draw the crowds!"

Marc said...

Greg - actually it would just be helping out at the polls on advance voting days and the actual election day. I wouldn't be caught dead electioneering :P

"... making Sydney regret having her mouth open."

Shudder. Ew.

world of experience said...

All that talk about electioneering ... politicians ... got me to thinking about the zoo..
The Zoo (really?):-
Monkeys jabbering on, flighty, dodging and weaving. You can't pin them down.
Parrots squawking at each another, repeating a script, not really listening.
Lions roaring, each male wanting to be king.
Wolves growling, who is the alpha male?
Moose rutting, fight it out to the end.
Fish swimming, some fight against the tide, daring to be different, others go with the flow, towing the party line.
Birds flying, free travel abroad.
Rats skulking, the lesser breed infiltrating.
Sheep sheeple, behaving like sheep.
Beavers ever-building, despite the building code.
Orangutans sitting hunched over, all in a row... 
They all mimic our parliament - which one is the zoo?

Marc said...

World of Exp. - great job of comparing the two; I'm having very little trouble picturing parliament overrun by zoo creatures... I'm not sure much would change ;)

world of experience said...

Hi Marc,
I'm thinking the parliament, although human, is no different to a zoo:)

Drake Davenport said...

Wow. Your last line reminds me so much of this story I want to make. I still need a subject to write on for NaNoWriMo, and it's at the top of my list. It would involve experiencing being into a zoo, a human being turned into just another exhibit in an interplanetary zoo and trying to maintain her sanity.

It looked out of the cage with sad eyes. It looked at the young children sitting there, and you could tell that it wanted nothing more than to be freed. It was begging them, pleading with them. "Let me out," it seemed to say. "I'll be your best friend."

Of course the children fell for it. They didn't know how dangerous this creature really was. I'm sure any of the children would jump to have one as a pet. Sure they looked cute, but underneath they were violent and dangerous.

They were uncontrollable.

The children were being led away by the tour guide. They looked back, saddened that they had to leave it behind. It started to mutter, almost like it was trying to say something. It stuck its hand between the bars.

The zookeeper whacked the hand with his stick. "Get back!"

It whimpered and ran away.

"Stupid Human," the zookeeper said, walking away.

Marc said...

Drake - that sounds like a fun and interesting storyline to work with. You'll have to let us know how it goes!

Yeah, even from that little vignette I can see the potential. Nice work.