Sunday October 2nd, 2011

The exercise:

Do what you do with: expansion.

Because I finally got around to expanding this tonight. The results can be found here. If you've got an account on Protag feel free to bring any of your responses to the Random CD prompt from here over to there. And if you don't have an account... well, that's easily remedied.

Pretty relaxing day off, consisting of sleeping in, a short bike ride with Kat, helping Kat's parents with apple picking/sorting, and some food preservation. The freezer is getting pretty darn full downstairs.


"That's complete and utter nonsense."

"Oh, really?"

"Yes, you condescending prick, really."

"Shall I fetch the tape measure then?"

"Only if you want this cinnamon bun shoved up your nose."

"You wouldn't dare. In fact, your expanding waistline wouldn't allow it!"

"Complete. And. Utter. Nonsense."

"What was that last word? I couldn't quite understand it with all that food in your mouth."


Greg said...

I shall take a look at your expansion shortly!
I like the conversation, it's like a little comedy sketch :)
As for mine, well, if we're talking expansion then I've been expanding on my Isabella Bonfontaine character recently (you can find it here.
Though it's getting a bit long at the moment, so I wouldn't expect you to read too much of it :)

morganna said...

The boys
Pay attention
Work hard, try to sit still
But it's just so hard to keep up
With the ever expanding list of rules
Sometimes they simply can't do it
And teachers sigh, "Oh, what
Shall we do with
The boys?"

Marc said...

Greg - glad you liked mine, and I promise I will read all of yours soon - it's too enjoyable to only read part of it!

Morganna - ah, you really do create magic with that poetry form. Love the way you brought it back to the first line at the end, it really seemed effortless.

Drake Davenport said...





Beep! Beep! Beep!

Cement truck.

When Jeremy had purchased this house, it was out in the suburbs, the edge of town. Then again, when Jeremy had purchased this house, he had been a young man.

In those days, the house was new. It was out, by itself on a lonesome country road. A few miles away, you could find the local grocery store.

Twenty years later, he had a block full of neighbors. A few blocks away, you could find the local supermarket.

Twenty years after that, there was a gas station on each and every corner. A few blocks away, you could find the local Walmart.

And now... now, most of the houses have been abandoned. The city got involved. The houses were bulldozed. And Jeremy has found himself right in the middle of a mall.

Expansion. Pssh, Jeremy scoffs at the idea.

They had offered to buy his house for a good price, but why should he have to move? Why would he want to? He's been here all his life. For all he cared, they could just wait until that life drew to a close.

Then they could get the house for free.

That turned out a tad too much like Disney's Up.

Drake Davenport said...

Oops. I messed up on one of my verbs. Should be "Jeremy scoffed", not "Jeremy scoffs", I believe.

Marc said...

Drake - oh, great take on the prompt! Really enjoyed all the details you included.