Saturday March 10th, 2012

The exercise:

A four line poem about: the wizard.

Greenhouse is up, I'll have some pictures to share in the next couple of days. Now it's time to build some benches and transfer some stuff over from the old greenhouse.

Feeling sleepy.


Gnarled fingers pinch a worn wand,
While secret words slip from dry tongue.
After years filled with failure,
He's sure this spell will make him young.


Greg said...

Woohoo! Well done on growing yourself a greenhouse, I hope building benches is a whole lot easier :)
Hmm, your poem doesn't feel very optimistic, but I like the fact that you're commenting on the pointlessness of a life wasted trying to find a way to live it over again in so few lines. The first line is such a great start line too!

The wizard
My computer has these wizards,
So that when tasks are quite long,
The wizards help you get them right,
...then Clippy gets them wrong.

Anonymous said...

i like your pieces guys. greg, poor clippy gets a bad rap eh.

The Wizard

her purple robe was dotted with stars
and the glyphs for Venus and Mars
she cast her spell in a fairy dell
and success was hers at last

...almost sounds like a limerick, without the humorous wit, (she says, commenting on her own piece and wondering if that's allowed)

Cathryn Leigh said...

Marc - heh poor guy, and what's he going to do once he's young, realize that he can't relate to any of the girls who will now talk to him? :]

Greg - I hate Clippy, loved the Wizard guy. Clippy always seemed so pretentious and 'I know a better way, :P Oh you want me to show you? :P'

Writebite - I have a tendency to comment on my stuff, so why not. :} I like how you've got a girl wizard.


The laws are clearly written
With them there is no doubt
All those who can't use magic
To Trabia they are thrown out.

And all those born in Trabia
With magic flowing in their veins
The government must send them out
To where the magical reign.

This is my first magical world, and it's actually a bit more dire than the poem makes it out to be, I just didn't feel like writing the whole ballad (Especially as my daughter is having a nightmare night.) *pout* :}

Krystin Scott said...

I'm back! We'll you didn't realize I was gone because I wrote in using a phone but I was without internet for a few days.. (See Conspiracy - March 7th - sigh- )


A dark and sinister laugh
Rings out over the small town
The evil warlock raises his staff
And begins to cut the men down.

Anonymous said...

CL, ha!
krystin...welcome back :)

Anonymous said...

Ode to a box of Cereal
('s one of those days)

Words spill out like a starry sky
While I read with a bleary eye.
My spoon dips down yet I cannot tell
Does the dude spell or does he just spell?

Marc said...

Greg - haha, love it!

Writebite - a little self analysis never hurt anybody :P

Love the image your first three lines painted.

Cathryn - I suspect he hasn't thought his plan all the way through ;)

Intriguing glimpse you've given us there. And I hope your daughter managed to escape from her bad dreams!

Krystin - hurray!

Chilling little snippet there. I hope the good guys arrive soon!

GZ - haha, very nice. Love those two opening lines.