Saturday March 31st, 2012

The exercise:

A four line poem about: white lies.

It's Kat's birthday today, and I managed to pull off a little surprise party for her. I'd outline all of the careful omissions and lies I had to tell in order to do it, but I've honestly lost track of them all at this point.


For all my deceit
I must apologize,
But it was needed
For this birthday surprise.


Greg said...

Happy Birthday Kat!
And well done on the surprise party, Marc! It's never easy to organise one. The poem sums everything up rather neatly, I think.

White lies
White lies,
But told by a black heart,
Were still enough
To tear my family apart.

writebite said...

black, white, pink or blie
a lie is a lie when told to you
does it help or does it hurt
let sleeping dogs lie by staing mute

writebite said...

sorry that's staying not staing :)

Krystin Scott said...

I think that's really sweet Marc.

Greg, Yup It sure does!


No, it wasn’t really a lie
It was more like an omission
But my attempts at being sly
Have put me in a precarious position

Grondzilla said...

Our Birthday get together today required no subterfuge but the eight hours I spent in or damned near the kitchen have just about crushed me into paste. Time for bed.

White lies and black arts,
Cunning tales and furtive darts.
If I knew now, what I knew then,
What I did then, I'd do again!

Marc said...

Greg - great poem!

Writebite - liked the way you worked with the color theme.

Krystin - hah, love your poem. Tells a story in just four lines.

GZ - haha, fantastic final two lines :D