Saturday March 24th, 2012

The exercise:

Movie Week combines with Four Line Poem Saturday to give you: Downfall.

Greenhouse bench number two finished this morning in rather chilly conditions. The sun did come out after lunch to make the rest of the day pleasant, but it was a bit rough on the hands while putting the bench together.

Watched the Canucks game online this evening and enjoyed the second half of it (where they scored their three goals to win it). The start was less fun (where they gave up two goals and were looking pretty uninspired). They've clinched a playoff spot with seven games left in the regular season, so now it's just a matter of which of the top three spots they'll take into the postseason.


Which one of you did it?
Which bastard made me crawl?
I will make you suffer.
I will be your downfall.


Anonymous said...


Lucy lost it all
Her greed’s her downfall
The others looked on
No sympathy shone

Greg said...

I was just starting to think it must be nearly Ice Hockey season time; looks like you didn't tell us all about it starting this year! Sounds like the Canucks are doing well for themselves again, same team as last year?
I can just picture your ghostly narrator standing (floating?) there in that cell, demanding to know where her revenge should happen!

They see me crying in the supermarket,
They hear me crying out in the hall,
They whisper in gossipy little voices,
That this must be my downfall.

Watermark said...

Very appropriate prompt for today - dead tired after my strenuous pilates class and sounds like my down-fall :p


A knock on wood,
followed a midnight call.
Time froze, we stood,
witnessing their downfall.

Krystin Scott said...

One was simply not enough to convey a clear thought and move the story far enough along so today my dears, I give you two.

Up into the snow and ice they began their ascent
On finding Major Sebastian Knight they were hell bent
Vehemently searching, guns drawn and battle ready
Their course to the backup generators was steady

She found him among his team barely alive
They hoped and prayed that they’d survive
The yeti had savagely tried to slaughter them all
But strength in numbers would be his downfall.

Katie said...

In raging discontentment
I didn't want to be there at all.
Thus my chances were ruined;
I caused my own downfall.

Aaron said...

I love the power of four line poems.

Again I fall to fly
All white to the eye
No voice breaking in
I am lost again.

Cathryn Leigh said...

I wasn’t quite sure what to do, but I think a reference to Rachael’s future would be just the thing for this prompt. :}

Rachael’s Childhood
Chapter 7: Downfall

She just a little child
No one yet knows her name
But when she's all grown up
Management will hang in shame.

Anonymous said...

Enter the Greek chorus I suppose: "There is too much, let us sum up."

They were five strong, good men and true,
A band of brothers through and through.
Their reach did far outstrip their grasp,
And now laid low, they gulp and gasp.

Marc said...

Writebite - nicely done, particularly the first two lines.

Greg - mostly the same team, with a few changes. All the key players are back. Fingers crossed for that one extra win in this year's playoffs!

You are seriously kicking ass this week. Bang on again.

Watermark - great little poem, really has a nice flow to it.

Krystin - no worries! I'm surprised more of you didn't need to go beyond the four line limit today :)

A yeti! Nice. You don't see nearly enough of those bad boys in literature (in my humble, anywise).

Katie - great way to capture that sentiment, very nicely done.

Aaron - glad to see you've caught up with us again :)

Great rhythm to your poem.

Cathryn - I'm impressed with the way you're managing with these prompts this week. Not that I'm trying to trip you up, but you keep finding ways to deal with what I'm throwing at you :)

GZ - hah, excellent timing with that I think.

Also: that's a top notch poem, particularly the last two lines.