Tuesday March 6th, 2012

The exercise:

Two haiku about: the traitor.

More sunshine, more wind. Oh, woe is me.

I will eventually have other things to talk about besides the weather, promise.


He's in your meetings,
Taking precise little notes
On carbon paper.

*     *     *

He smiles when it rains
And laughs when the blizzard comes;
Crooked weatherman.


Greg said...

There's nothing wrong with talking about the weather! Though I am British and we're used to getting all four seasons in one day, which is quite discussion-worthy :)
Sounds like you need to set up some wind-breaks so that you appreciate the sunshine better. How about raspberry canes and tomato plants?
I like your first haiku best, though I'm not sure how easy it would be to read notes written on carbon paper ;-)

The traitor
She smiles at you,
Distracting you while her mates
Steal your bag and keys.


The guards in the room
All wear the wrong uniform.
The king is betray'd.

writebite said...

The Traitor - haiku

a political
prisoner - a dissenter,
they called him traitor

prison controlled him -
the government put him there -
buying his silence

Krystin Scott said...

He betray his heart
Cut it out and locked it away
In a dead mans chest

The discovery
Ended in mutiny
Maps are dangerous

Cathryn Leigh said...

Lovely work everyone. :}

I suspect the Carbon paper Marc is talking about is the kind where you write on one page and it copies it to the one underneth... used to have lab Notebooks like that back in the school days... And my check book.

Any-who how about some haiku. *giggles*

The Traitor

Working for Vervell
But from Wholawski's elite
He wants to help us

His loyalty pledged
For the young Prince of Azure
To reclaim his throne

Related to Book 3: Phoenix Tirumpahnt, only in this case the traitor's on the good side. :}

Grondzilla said...

A pat on the back,
Then words of great praise lead to
Knife between shoulders.

You look up annoyed
As the cliff face flashes by you.
Big smile, looking down.

Marc said...

Greg - love your second one, it really tells a story in just three lines.

Writebite - that's a fine pair of haiku, they go together perfectly.

Krystin - two great haiku, it's hard to choose a fav. I think the second one wins out for me, mostly for that final line.

Cathryn - yup, that'd be what I was referencing :)

Ah, you egg me on to read more with all these snippets!

GZ - love the sudden turn in the first, and the contrast in the second. Great work :)