Tuesday March 13th, 2012

The exercise:

Two haiku about: the meadow.

It was hailing when I woke up this morning. Didn't last long, and the sun was out for most of the remainder of the day, but... come on. I don't need that right after I get out of bed.


I know where you've been.
Your windblown hair carries the
scent of wildflowers.

*     *     *

Winter has passed on,
life returns to the meadow;
wild horses rejoice.


Greg said...

Hail first thing in the morning is surely better than in the middle of the day when you might be outside? At least this way you can watch the pretty weather over breakfast and see it improve :)
And I hope you're thinking of building a shelter for Mr. Wiggles if it's going to hail like that :-P
That first haiku is beautiful, exactly what you expect from a haiku! Definitely my favourite, despite the mention of wild horses in the second.

The meadow
Tall grasses, flowers,
The buzz of bees in sunshine;
We dig the graves here.


Meadow dew wets hair,
The student wakes, hung over,
Morning is too much.

Anonymous said...

marc, hail to the sun! heh heh
greg, your punchy wit returns i see,
The Meadow - haiku

green is my valley
dandelions in full bloom
seeds carried on wind

where to now, asks wind?
from the meadow here to there
I seek adventure

Cathryn Leigh said...

The Meadow

Dancing in sunlight
Wind whispering through her gold hair
Gracefully Faerie

Blue, purple, violet
Gentle breezes calming
Flowers bend and sway

inspired by my character Morgan of Fareie Bound and her meadow. :}

morganna said...

Marc, I like your second one best. Sorry, Greg. :)

Green and sweet-smelling
No tree to mar, above them
All, below the peak.

Iron Bess said...

The snow is gone now
Last year's leaves remain red brown
Green grass surfaces

She throws the stick far
Happily the dog retrieves
Robins pull long worms

Krystin Scott said...

Yellow weeds turn to
Fuzzy white dandelions
floating on the breeze.
Lush grass, wild flowers
Hungry, a kestrel swoops in
The mole has surfaced.

Anonymous said...

OK...I am on the edge of serious bodily debilitation from pruning a couple of apple trees. This seems what they call 'disproportionate'. Maybe enforced flaking will be in my near future.

Two on the Meadow.

Tranquil sun shines bright
Murder in the deepest grass.
A Daffodil blooms

Break through the woods
into green Sanctuary.
Wall of trees await.

Marc said...

Greg - haha, hard to choose between your two. I think the final line in your first one wins the day though.

Writebite - two lovely haiku. I like the personification of the wind in the second.

Cathryn - love the imagery in your second one :)

Morganna - that's a lovely description of an alpine meadow :)

Iron Bess - two scenes brought to life with excellent details.

Krystin - I could picture your first one perfectly :)

GZ - haha, I can relate to that. Last spring I helped prune the plum trees and my body just about mutinied.

Your second one feels like a scene plucked out of the middle of a story. I dig it.