Tuesday March 27th, 2012

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: the week that was.

They can be about your Movie Week story, if you wrote one, or about any event(s) that occurred during the previous seven days. Or, if you can manage it, you can even just continue on with your story.

My first one is about the guilt I felt being the only one who knew what prompts were coming. Though, I must admit, there was only a little bit of guilt and a fair amount of evil-mastermind-ness.

Though on that note I must add: job well done, my puppets. Er, presponders. Which, obviously, is short for prompt responders.

Yes, obviously.


Knowing what's to come,
I'm feeling like I have an
unfair advantage.

*     *     *

A ghost seeks justice
while traveling a path paved
with good intentions.


Greg said...

I think it's excellent that you knew what prompts were coming; it meant that your writing was always inspirational for the rest of us. And the challenge of meeting your standards with no visibility of upcoming prompts is so much fun!
I'm definitely a puppet and not a presponder :)
I like your first haiku best today, though your second one would make a nice back-cover précis for your story over the week.

The week that was
One week is just time
To understand what was lost,
Not to come to terms


Hope may be hidden
By one million evils
But it will come out.

Anonymous said...

the week that was

baby growing up
birthday party turning one
playing, toys and cake

such joy little one
you share with us as you grow
smiles every day

Cathryn Leigh said...

How can I not resist the temptation to wrap up Rachael’s story with a sort of Haiku summary? Well I’ll attempt to at least. Maybe one for her and one for me. :}

Rachael’s Childhood
Chapter 10: The Week that Was

Born planet side, she
A spacer she will become
Flirting with the stars

My Week that Was

Shopping and packing
A vacation attacking
Stress precedes rests

And on that note I’m hoping to still get in my writing prompts, but if I seem scarce until April 9th, it’s because I’m busy relaxing. lol :}

Cathryn Leigh said...

Should have paid more attention to my first haiku.. Ahme...

On a planet born
A spacer she will become
Flirting with the stars

Ahhh that first line works much better? Yes/no? :}

Krystin Scott said...

@Cathryn - yes I think so... Have fun on your vacation

Here are mine today:

Laid out is the path
Characters wish to follow
The prompt takes its toll

I will not go quietly
Try, then try again

Watermark said...

The week that was

In a week that was,
a friendship came to an end -
true colours revealed.


Start with good tidings,
a touch of adventure, and
time for the weekend!

Anonymous said...

Commentary is all I can offer.

The week that was

The same old story,
Induce creativity?
Last minute panic!

So I dreamed anew,
What future for these fellows?
Into the dust bin.

Marc said...

Greg - love your first haiku.

Writebite - aw, two sweet haiku :)

Cathryn - 'stress precedes rests' <- so very, very true.

Safe travels and I hope you're able to drop by while you're away!

Krystin - two excellent takes, I'm unable to pick a favorite between them!

Watermark - your first one is an excellent summary of your tale, nicely done.

GZ - ah, but they might yet escape that dust bin :D

Aaron said...

I am rewriting the end of my story. I'll post it when I am happy with it.

Unsatisfied end
You will not survive the day
Editing rights wrong

His wishes fufilled
His heart found a secret way
To make his pain flee

Marc said...

Aaron - looking forward to seeing it :)

And your first haiku really nails that sentiment on the head, too. Nice one.