Saturday March 17th, 2012

The exercise:

A four line poem about: simple.

I spent most of the day helping Kat's parents hang drywall on their basement ceiling. Arms, neck, and shoulders are not happy with me right now.

Just wait until I tell them we're going back for more tomorrow!


The salesman promised it was simple,
The ad proclaimed ease.
Four days later it's still in pieces...
Someone help me please!


Anonymous said...


keep it simple, Stupid,
in life and love, says Cupid
in what you decide, you should not hide
do what you feel you should

Greg said...

@writebite: that's expressing a very courageous sentiment! Nicely put in just four lines.

@Marc: Drywalling the ceiling sounds... well, awkward at best and probably difficult. Can't you get a little platform on wheels to lie on that puts you close to the ceiling to make it easier?
I sympathise though, I've been making wetter and wetter bread doughs (you get a softer, bigger-holed crumb that way) but it means that you have to air-knead the dough. So my shoulders and elbows are not happy with me either!
As for the poem... well, it's just the truth in prettier words!

Your simple cured my headache,
And it cured my daughter's cold,
But it made my husband's teeth fall out,
And the cat's come down with mould.

[A simple is a medicinal herb or plant, or the medicine derived from it. It's a little archaic....]

Cathryn Leigh said...

Marc - He he I loved the poem, though I'm quite capable of Ikea furniture assembly. I suspect I'd probably feel that way about motorcycles though, even with the instruction manuals.

Writebite - Oh how true! The less lies you get yourself into in life and love the easier things are. :}

Greg - leave it to you to find something none of us would otherwise not know of. I figured it was an archaic use, but did realize it was a plant too!


Simple things in the way of life
Give us the greatest joys.
When you have a world full of imagination
Why do you need any toys!

Someday I find it hard to teach my kids the value of their imagination. All they want is more toys! :}

Watermark said...

@Marc: hehehe sounds so typical of what I'd go through, although I tend to skip to the last line :)

@writebite: quite right I say though not always easy to do :)

@Greg: Love it!! Flows right through :)

@Cathryn Leigh: Hehehe I can relate to this :)

Here's mine which is a bit cheeky!


She looked rather simple,
from hair down to toes,
but her smile showed her dimple,
shaped just like a rose!

Iron Bess said...

Hi, missed yesterday so I thought I would incorporate it here. Marc - drywall, I feel your pain. We spent the entire year last year doing just that. The poems are great today everyone. Ikea, love, medicine, looks...what a range.

It was simple really,
Her time would come after life.
And hoping that Billy
Wouldn’t bring along his new wife.

Anonymous said...

Complicating all I touch,
I make the simple not so much.
If once my spirit could be free,
I must learn to let what is, be.

Krystin Scott said...

They say writing is easy, so everybody should
If it was that simple, then everyone would
Storytelling is a skill, one that must be rehearsed
Practice or you'll end up with just a boring dry verse.

Anonymous said...

Basic, all structured
standardized test,
fill in the bubble,
and block out the rest

Anonymous said...

Without the wind and wend of days,
Or the wicked twists and turns of fate.
Our lives would be but one act plays,
Tossed off by playwrights that we hate.

Marc said...

Writebite - that's some sound advice :)

Greg - Kat's parents rented a tool that lifts the pieces up to the ceiling, so that (once it's been fitted into place) all that needs doing is screwing it in place. Makes life a lot easier than having to hold it up there ourselves!

Haha, love it!

Cathryn - ah, but it's an important lesson, so one that bears repeating (whether they think it does or not!) :)

Watermark - literally cheeky! I approve :D

Iron Bess - mmm, the new wife would certainly mess that little plan up :P

H.N. - love, love those first two lines!

Krystin - haha, excellent!

Anon - great final line, it really nails the problem with standardized testing. Thanks for sharing that with us :)

GZ - very true. Brilliant third line.