Tuesday March 20th, 2012

The exercise:

Two Haiku Tuesday would like to welcome you to Movie Week with: The Usual Suspects.

All prompts this week will be movie titles; I've actually got all seven chosen already, as well as the order they will be appearing in. I'm hoping I've selected the movies and their sequence in such a way that will lend themselves to week long stories, but I suppose only time will tell.

And yes, if you're not up to beginning a story with two haiku, I do have an alternative for you: do what you can with six sentences, rather than six haiku lines.


One more dead woman
to add to the rest. Police
know who to round up.

*     *     *

Four men in a cage,
crooked and guilty each one...
but who struck this time?


Greg said...

I remember seeing The Usual Suspects years ago and being tipped off to what was going on by the 'Kobayashi Naru' phrase. I still enjoyed the film though!
Great little haiku, and a nice opening to a story. I am really curious now to see how this week plays out for everybody!

The Usual Suspects
A kindergarten
Is torn apart by shootings,
Vile murder is done.


The police announce
All their usual suspects.
Really? Usual??

writebite said...

The Usual Suspects

Cream in the oven,
The iron in the freezer,
Wet clothes not hung out;

They were getting old,
Too old to live by themselves,
Each blamed the other.

Watermark said...

The Usual Suspects

When things go wrong, I
blame the usual six so
round of applause please.


Time, melancholy,
ambition and lethargy,
luck and the weather.

Cathryn Leigh said...

Rachael rubs her hands in anticipation. She can do this. Oh yes. She can do this!
(It probably helps I’ve seen this movie, at least most of it.) Ad it looks like we went a bit overboard. *grins*

Rachael’s Childhood
Chapter 3: The Usual Suspects

Dad, do I have to?
Rachael whines at her father.
Haiku on movies

She has seen the vid
It’s The Usual Suspects
To write in haiku.

Taping on her lips
Waiting for Inspiration
Tablet is ready

Fingers finally fly
Symbols appear on the screen
Haiku emerging

“Rounding up suspects,
Police think they have it right.
But everything’s wrong.”

She grins at her Dad
Sending file to his station
She awaits the verdict

Krystin Scott said...

Bugger! Never seen it, but I can gather enough evidence from your responces.


The door slides open
Usual suspects present
Stopped dead in their tracks.

She scans the cold room
Seeking the unknown culprit
Murder on her mind.

H.N. said...

Theme Week has me very excited and only slightly intimidated. I imagine the levels of both those feelings will be fluctuating a lot over the next 6 days. But Yay any way!

Fruit salad, so dull.
Grapes, orange, berries. I'll make
mine: dill, kale, Bacon!

My life filled with "same".
Tomorrow is new, I'll wipe
Usual away.

Aaron said...

I'm going to continue my story since it is just about to break loose and go crazy. These haiku loosely fit the prompt

The Usual Suspects

There are no reasons
Only suspicions exist
Vexing a dreamer

What else can happen?
When impossible now means
Trust and go forward

Grondzilla said...

The Usual Suspects

So the same old gang
messed things up as usual
and he paid the price.

It came down to this
'Guilt by association'.
He is in the clink.

Marc said...

Greg - I say the following with complete confidence: only you could make me laugh at something that has anything at all to do with a kindergarten shooting.

With just two words in the final line of a haiku, no less.

Writebite - took me a couple of reads to get that, but once I did I was definitely impressed. Very poignant.

Watermark - mmm, intriguing opening. I look forward to where you go with this.

Cathryn - that's a whole lotta haiku you got going on! I quite like them, perhaps the 4th the most.

Krystin - no knowledge of the movie required, so you handled it just fine. Enjoyed the way you managed to present a rather vivid scene with your haiku.

H.N. - haha, glad you're looking forward to it :D

Bacon makes everything better. I like the possibilities your second one presents going forward.

Aaron - I'm glad you are, and I hope my planned prompts don't cause you too much trouble!

I quite like your first one, that's nicely done.

GZ - another intriguing opening. I do so enjoy these theme weeks :)