Friday April 19th, 2013

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose about: the haze.

Took Max out in the orchard this morning to try to get some pictures of him with us and the blossoms. I think a few shots might turn out okay, but there's definitely a great shot of him with Kat's dad.

Afterward I went on a little road trip with Kat's dad to get a truckload of wood chips - the first of many, I'm sure. This one will be spread around our yard. The rest will be stuffed around our berry plants.


There's a haze around the moon tonight, it's following it across the sky. The moon's trying to escape it, giving it the evil eye.

But there's no relief in sight, that haze may never stop. We've colonized the moon, and our factories have set up shop.


Greg said...

Sounds like a fun photography session! And the wood chips make it into a throughly successful day all round, i guess :)
That's an interesting – and very worrying – haze! I wasn't expecting that little twist at the end, it was very satisfying.

The haze
Surely the hazing had gone on for long enough now? Jacob tried to find a new, less uncomfortable position, but tied hand and foot, gagged with a jock-strap – how he hoped it was clean! – and stuck in a locker didn't give him many options.
The locker door banged open, and Coach looked inside.
"Nope, my bat's not in here," he said with a wink, closing the locker again.

Marc said...

Greg - I wasn't sure where I was going with mine, to be honest. I was just inspired by the small clump of clouds (the haze) between me and the moon as I walked back to the house after closing up the greenhouses for the night.

If I were in Jacob's shoes, I might not be able to figure out who to plot my revenge against first - his hazers or the coach!

Aholiab said...

The Haze

The young couple strolled along the beach holding hands and quietly talking. As the sun began to slide behind the clouds hugging the horizon, the sky turned a crimson red. They turned to watch the most brilliant sunset they had ever seen, tears filling their eyes. The volcano eruption three days earlier had killed thousands and now the haze from that violent explosion would color the world for years.

Marc said...

Aholiab - wonderful imagery and emotions. Could almost imagine being on the beach with them.