Tuesday April 9th, 2013

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: feet.

Hey, why not, right?

We met our farm intern today in person, as she came down for a visit from Penticton (where she's staying until she starts working with us). It was great to have a chance to hang out with her before her first day and to get to know her a bit better.

Feeling pretty positive that things will work out nicely for her here.


He waits by the wall,
alone; no girl wants to dance
with his two left feet.

*     *     *

She stands all day long,
dreaming of a massage that
will never arrive.


Greg said...

How does an intern lead you to feet? Oh well, thank goodness you didn't hire Monica Lewinski or I'd be having a far more difficult time with your haiku subject choice.... When is your intern's first day then? Next Monday?
I like your second haiku better today because it's just such a lovely, prosaic twist on the Prince Charming motif.

Cut off his feet and
bury them apart from him
so his ghost can't walk.

Iambs, anapests,
Trochees, spondees and dactyls:
Are metrical feet.

[I'm not entirely sure I should bring these to your attention as I realise I risk the danger of you deciding to have a prompt of writing in dactylic hexamter or anapestic trimeter!]

Aholiab said...

Our company has started a health program where we are encouraged to walk every day. Only one of these haiku apply to me directly!


Two miles in high heels
Only one trip through the mall
Tender are the toes

Steel toes, waffle treads
Socks so tight the toes can’t breathe
My feet need a drink

Marc said...

Greg - who knows. Pretty sure they were unrelated, but you can never tell with my brain.

She starts mid-May and will be with us until early September. We might get her to come down before then to help out, depending how busy/behind we get.

Frickin' love your first haiku. Makes me want to write a story based around it.

Aholiab - mmm, my feet often need a drink. Someone should get around to inventing a foot drink...

David said...

Deliciously gnarled
Cracked nails, thick yellow bunions
I want to suck them

Bind them my master
I crave the glorious pain
Make me your geisha

Marc said...

David - good lord, that first one definitely got a reaction out of me. Kind of a shudder, mixed with a gag :P