Saturday April 27th, 2013

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about something: meaningless.

The Canucks wrapped up their regular season tonight with a meaningless game against Edmonton. They lost, but rested most of their best players - and even if they'd won they wouldn't have moved from their third seed in the west going into the playoffs.

It looks like their first round opponent will be San Jose, which should prove to be an entertaining series. Here's hoping the end result goes in the Canucks favor.

Many, many leeks were planted in the garden this morning. Also some onions.

It was fantastic to have the help.


We're going through the motions
With no sign of emotions;
We're not getting back together -
This parting will last forever.


Greg said...

I think it's always a little disappointing for the fans when they feel that the team just isn't playing because they know they're through, or have won, or whatever; on the other hand, I always wonder if the "less-star-quality" players don't get a decent outing in these cases and a chance to show that they're actually pretty good too. Although since the Canucks lost it may not have been that evident... :)
Leeks and onions are part of the same family aren't they? I love leeks; you can mix them up with cheese, egg, Worcestershire sauce and beer and turn them into a fantastic topping for toast; then just scorch the top of them with a blowtorch to crisp it up a little.
Great little poem, I see you've decided to audition to be Taylor Swift's new songwriter.... ;-P

Dyslogia sits on my right hand,
Playing with my tongue.
I utter meaningless babble,
Like when I was very young

Iron Bess said...

Hi all...I know, it's been awhile. I've been busy. I'm writing a regular column for an online mag now, been published in print a couple times as well. It is astonishing what happens when one actually submits stuff. LOL

Boots, Wellies, rubber stockings,
Sprung a hole in the worst of all places.
While I was splashing through puddles
because the world is unfair.

David said...

Congrats on getting published Bess...I wouldnt even know where to submit.

Todays writing.

99 percent
Of all thoughts
In my head
Are meaningless

Marc said...

Greg - leeks, onions, shallots... yup. And... that sounds seriously delicious.

Love your poem :)

Bess - good to see you again, and even better to hear things have been going well in your absence :D

Hah, I can definitely relate to that ending sentiment some days :)

David - ... and your poem's sentiment as well :D