Tuesday April 23rd, 2013

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: delays.

The weather has been pushing back our attempts at planting out our seedlings that are currently residing in the greenhouse. First it was rain on the days we wanted to do it, then it was cold overnight temperatures forecast after days that would have otherwise worked.

But tonight is the last night they're calling for risk of frost for the foreseeable future, so I'm planning on a finding a home for our cabbages and broccoli in the garden tomorrow.

Hopefully the clear skies and warmth that has been predicted comes through.


My flight is delayed.
By what force? They will not say.
Someone's gonna pay.

*     *     *

Wait for it. Hold on.
Just a little bit longer.
It'll be worth it...


Greg said...

Better safe than sorry I expect, with seedlings! I thought you were well over the frosts by now, with the pictures you've been posting.

I like your first haiku better today, though I'm pleased to say that my flights have rarely been delayed when I've flown. Pretty much only the work ones have ever had any, and I think that's because there's been so many more of them :)

The bard's cold is bad,
His sneezing ruined the song
Which he called "De Lay"

It's a little pause...
An hiatus, a short wait.
But I'm still delayed.

David said...

I am forty now
A child for too many years
Time for adulthood

Not yet she pleaded
I tried to contain my need
F-, I said not yet

Aholiab said...

Marc, it looks like my first one fits your weather conditions. Hope your seedlings get their roots in the ground soon!


Spring is halfway gone.
I long for summer sunshine.
Snowflakes block my view.

Watched pots never boil.
Stay with me for some hot tea.
We can watch it brew.

Marc said...

Greg - eh, this time of year can bring severely varying temperatures around here. Hopefully we're past the worst of it though.

I quite like your second haiku this week.

David - love your first one. Though the second is great in its own right :)

Aholiab - ugh, I feel that first one. Very nicely done.