Tuesday April 16th, 2013

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: the tortoise and the hare.

References to the fable welcome, as are haiku that ignore it completely. Me? I went for the one of each approach.

Inspired by my experience seeding spinach in the garden today. It was a long row, and I know I could have done it much more quickly than I did. But I took my time and enjoyed not having to rush through it.

And in the end, the row was seeded all the same.


One fast, one slow, each
unaware the finish line
hosts an eager chef.

*     *     *

On Blackberry Lane
a hare awaits today's mail;
it could be a while.


Greg said...

I'm feeling tired this morning as the dog was a little restless last night and kept waking me up to stand on my head and bark out the window. She has no respect for me....
Seeding spinach at your own rate sounds like the best way to work to me. And you're absolutely right: so long as the work is completed at the end, then the job is done and it doesn't matter how long it took.
I like your first haiku better today, as I'm friends with that chef... :-P

The tortoise and the hare
The hare, the tortoise
And six hookers crossed the line
In a red porsche...

Hotly pursued by
An alligator, mascot
of the police force.

[I linked them together and left you with a story that feels like it needs to be told.]

Aholiab said...

The Tortoise and the Hare

Quick fingers. Grave thoughts.
Slow and steady writes the book.
But I want to chat!

Tortoises sunning
Rabbits nibbling fresh carrots
No races today

MosesMalone said...

Wake up thirty-six.
Find my hubby and baby.
Time. There is no race.

Rip it out, or don’t?
Slow and steady or go quick?
How to remove glass…

Gargi said...

Hare leads in today's condition
tomorrow takes a backward turn
tortoise is now the leading one.

Unequal partners since a bygone age
put them together in a love cage
now always on the same page.

Marc said...

Greg - hahaha, that image. I'm sure I wouldn't find it this funny if I was the one being stood upon... but I'm not, so... :D

Ah, yes. I'd say that story is rather begging to be told.

Aholiab - really like both of your haiku. Perhaps the first one slightly more, for the story that hides within it.

Mo - love the sentiment in your first one :)

Gargi - like the imagery in both of yours, the first especially.

David said...

Bro, slow the eff down
Got plenty o time to chill
Dont be a mofo

Im tweaking brother
Lights just keep on a flashing
Must keep on running

Marc said...

David - love the companion haiku. Would be great to hear more from these two characters :)