Friday April 5th, 2013

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose about: the new guy. Or girl. Whatever.

Right, before I forget again, here's one of the pictures I took of the apricot blossoms the other day:

The last couple of days have been grey and dreary, but I'm hoping the sun shall return soon.


I walk in the door and feel all eyes on me. I can hear their whispers, hushed words slipping between fingers too loosely clasped together.

"Who's the new guy?"

They'll know soon enough.


Greg said...

Great picture, and the sky is a beautiful colour! Did you mean to get a picture of that bee/wasp in the flower? Either way, have you tried cropping and enlarging it so that the picture is about that little guy?

Heh, that's some neat tension in just four lines, with your usual little hint-of-sinister at the end.

The new guy
"The guards seem upset by something," said the Snake, tilting his head. Sberyichev smiled.
"Yeah, they only think they're worried now," he said. "Wait until they find out about the new guy."

David said...

Bitch stole my stapler. My computer. My desk. My job.

MosesMalone said...

When she goes to a new school, she will not be greeted with "What the f*** YOU looking at?"

She will not throw her chest out, pull her shoulders back, stand her full 5'5, muster up confidence to look that girl right in the eyes and reply, "Shut the f*** up, Hard Guy." all while cocking her head up and to the left.

She is kind and lovely.

She is not her mother, a Philly Girl.

Aholiab said...

The New Guy

“When did they start hiring teenagers to work here?” I ask as I skeptically watch the new guy walk into his freshly painted office. “And why do they get new furniture and computers and ‘window treatments’ when I have to keep my steel desk, Vista desktop, and broken blinds?”

“He’s older than you were when you started working here, has more experience than you did, will probably use his computer for something besides solitaire, and won’t fling the shades open every time someone walks past the building,” my co-worker responded.

“Yeah,” I agree as we both flinch from the crash emanating from the office, “and he’ll probably figure out where all the bolts from his new chair disappeared to as well.”

Marc said...

Greg - I did, actually. I just focused on the blossom and waited for one of the many, many bees to arrive.

Tried cropping it but it gets a bit blurry. Either my hand isn't steady enough or I need a better camera :P

You're having a lot of fun with this prison, aren't you? Happy to report: so am I.

David - fantastically compact. That's some good work in very few words.

Mo - that's nicely done. Great setup and finish.

Aholiab - hah, was not expecting that final line :)