Saturday April 20th, 2013

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about something that: backfired.

Started spreading the wood chips around our yard this morning. Slow going, but the area I finished looks loads better.

It was a hot one here too. So hot that we decided to have lunch out on the deck, and Max was kind enough to join us (as did his monkey):

The Canucks clinched a spot tonight in this year's playoffs, which begin... pretty soon. There are only three games remaining in the shortened regular season, at any rate. So probably in just over a week things will be getting very interesting once again.


He plotted his revenge
For months that became years,
But despite his cunning
His are the only tears.


Greg said...

Congratulations to the Canucks (I did think it was odd you'd not mentioned them so far this year, but I wasn't sure which end of the year the season was and didn't want to look stupid asking!). And to you too, by the sounds of things, for get all those chips spread.
Max looks adorable and I suspect he's more of a monkey when he's feeling lively than that toy of his ;-) It's a very good photograph.
And that's a nice little poem to go with it all to, it completes the blogpost nicely.

The car was old and not much loved,
It should have been retired.
And indeed it was, when passing a cop,
Where it inopportunely backfired!

David said...

Flowers given
With heart
And love
Not given back

Aholiab said...


It’s our anniversary, I’ll get the wine!
Pick me up early; we must be home by nine.
I’ve brought your favorite; let me change my clothes.
Meet me at the hospital; I’ve broken three toes.

MosesMalone said...

It was not wise, 2 weeks before your sons wedding, to tell him not to marry her.

His graying doubt about your poor decision will become certainty, and he will not trust you anymore.

His loyalty to her is never failing because she has always been the truest definition of trustworthiness.

Your desire to get what you what has backfired, but he is happy.

Marc said...

Greg - yes, we call him our little monkey with good reason :)

Hah, nicely done. Especially like your first two lines.

David - oof. That's never a pleasant backfire.

Aholiab - that's an unexpected (and unwelcome!) backfire. The best laid plans...

Mo - yeah, two weeks is probably not the best timing. Well, at least it's better than during the ceremony!

Anonymous said...

max is ridiculously cute;)

Marc said...

Writebite - I know, right? Seriously!