Tuesday April 2nd, 2013

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: the needle.

Max is going in for his second round of vaccinations tomorrow morning. Blech.


It's for my own good,
or so they say; if I could,
I'd take my chances.

*     *     *

Don't look. Never look.
One glance and you'd know that it's
longer than your arm.


Greg said...

Heh, I'd say you're dreading it more than Max is! I think the phobias you're after are Belonephobia (fear of sharply pointed object, especially needles) and Iatrophobia (fear of doctors).
I think I like your first haiku better today, but that maybe because needles don't bother me especially.

The needle
The tattoo artist
called the Needle is grinning.
Your turn's coming up.

I need a needle,
But I have fifteen haystacks.
Wish me lots of luck!

David said...

Needle plunges deep
Veins fill with a sweet poison
Sleep comes violently

Needle left within
Father rots in the bath tub
Find the little boy

Aholiab said...

Yards of flawless silk
Gold needle pierces dark blue
Teardrops wet my face

Haystacks gleam golden
Autumn sunshine warms the field
Where is my needle?

MosesMalone said...

I'm starting to like this Haiku business.

The needle in my
compass always points to you.
My rose is aligned.

Sing to me loudly.
Vinyl. Needle. Spin. Heart SCREAMS.
I love you, Elvis!!!

landofty said...

City of New York,
a vaccination of life.
The cure for the Dulls.

"Oh look, a syringe,"
She showed her young, new playmate.
"You ain't in Kansas."

Marc said...

Greg - yeah, well, he obviously had no idea what was coming... right up until the first needle went in. Which, I suppose, is probably for the best.

Both your haiku are rather nightmarish, in their own ways.

David - oof, very powerful work.

Aholiab - great imagery in your first, and love the take in the second.

Mo - glad to hear it! :)

Love the sweetness of your first one.

Landofty - wonderful first haiku, that's a really great take on the prompt.