Friday May 24th, 2013

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose about: dormancy.

With the forecast looking pretty reasonable, I shall be returning to the market tomorrow morning. Should things stay as predicted, and everybody gets a decent night's rest, Kat will be bringing Max up a little bit later in the morning for his first farmers market appearance.

Here's hoping for a good turnout.


The villagers stroll through their streets, calling out relaxed greetings to old friends. Their pets and livestock (one and the same in many cases) run freely, nipping ankles and chasing and being chased by half-naked children.

And I watch from my lofty perch, knowing what they seem to have forgotten.

That a dormant volcano does not stay quiet forever, and that I am preparing to wake.


Greg said...

It's a bank holiday here on Monday, so I'm expecting typical British weather for it – torrential downpours, sudden ice-ages and sporadic outbreaks of zombies. Though at the moment (well, 6am on Saturday) the sunshine is quite pleasant and most welcome!
I see you're terrorizing the villagers again in today's story ;-) I think it's a good job we haven't left you to look after Mejaran all by yourself....

"I'm sorry, ma'am, but your husband is in a coma."
"Oh. Well, that's alright though, isn't it? That's just like a period of dormancy while he heals and becomes himself again; I'm sure he'll wake up just fine!"

g2 (la pianista irlandesa) said...

Hey, who's to say it's not Mejaran, a few generations off in either direction? There was some uproar two generations before its "present", maybe this was it?
- - - - - - - - - - - -

I was in town, and I hadn't heard from Connor in a while, so I made my way to his place.

"Evenin' Mr. Steely," chirped the doorman, Joey C by the name on the little plaque, "good to see you back, have you gotten taller?"

"Sorry, I'm Roger Steely, I think you mean my brother Connor, and where has he been?"

"Oh," he sighed and leaning back, "he didn't tell you, did he?"
- - - - - - - -
It worked better in my head, but that was more than four lines, and I decided to stick with the parameters for once today.

Marc said...

Greg - I hope the zombie outbreaks in your area weren't too much of an inconvenience (bah, if only I'd remembered this comment earlier I might have been able to incorporate that into a prompt, or at least my writing).

I like her optimism :D

g2 - well, there are mountains all about. Perhaps one of them... hmm...

Your restraint is appreciated, but you know I don't mind when you get carried away :)

Burndtree said...

Never make pets of yer livestock.
Marc, that's surest to bring on tears at suppertime :)

I am the portal guardian. Any instant now I must, like a jungle cat, spring. The waiting's killing me. That, and these doorman shoes.

Marc said...

Burndt - lovely to see you around these parts, as always.

Hah, great final line - was not expecting that at all :D