Saturday May 25th, 2013

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: promises.

The sun shone for the entire farmers market today (though it was still fairly chilly), so I am feeling grateful for that. I'm also grateful for all the people who came out and bought our plants and rhubarb (and one of my cards), making for a better week for us than last go around.

Kat brought Max up late morning and we had a lot of fun introducing him to friends and customers. I think he liked it too.

Next weekend? Next weekend we might have some strawberries to sell.


You keep telling me
To never say never,
But your promises
Are as empty as ever.


Brittany said...

I'm glad you got some sun for the market!! Have a great week.

You promised never to hurt me,
You promised to never talk about her,
You promised we would go everywhere,
But here we are, nowhere.

Greg said...

@Birttany: That's a fascinating tale of let-down and bruised dreams in just four lines. I like how petulant it sounds in particular; it's clear there are two sides to this story!

@Marc: Yay for rhubarb! And the possibility of strawberries too :) Sounds like you're getting off to a firm but slow start back at the market, surely that's not a bad thing? And I'm not at all surprised that everyone loves Max!
A gentle rebuke of a poem, I see. I think I might know a couple of people who could do with reading it myself!

Still breaking your spoken promises?
Still dreaming of fork├Ęd tongues?
Still seeking to overcome Death,
Breathing your lies into dead men's lungs?

Marc said...

Brittany - thanks! And I hope your week treats you well too :)

Really like your final line. Delivers just the right ending for your poem.

Greg - yeah, we're quite pleased with how things have started this year.

Excellent final two lines this week. Planting story ideas in my noggin' again...