Sunday May 26th, 2013

The exercise:

Write about: connections.

Enjoyed a quiet day off, now feeling ready to get back out in the garden to tackle those pesky weeds.

Thankfully our internet connection decided to start working again tonight or who knows when this would have been posted.


"And how about this one?"

I look at the card the nice lady is holding up for a moment, then return my eyes to her face. She seems as though she really wants to help me and I don't want to let her down. And she has spent so much of her time with me. So I look at the card again.

There is a man pictured there, a close-up of his face. Middle-aged, needs a shave. Dark eyes, thick lips. It seems like he's about to smile, at least I think so.

I turn back to the nice lady. Those lines on her face have returned. Like she's concerned. About me? I hope not. I don't want to upset her.

"Sorry, miss," I say with an apologetic shrug and a gentle smile. I hope the gestures will ease her disappointment with me. "I don't know who that is."


Greg said...

Enjoy your weeding! I hope the weather's warmed up enough that it's pleasant to spend time out there rather than shivering or soaking through.
Your story, again, poses more questions than it answers! I suspect your fingers are itching to write a longer story again :) I wonder who your nice lady is looking for, and if she's really as nice as she pretends?

As Master Licko's lawyer-at-arms I was required to be in his studio almost all the time when he was creating a new sculpture. So it was today; outside the three suns were in a near perfect triangulation and all normal people were bathing in the luxurious blue-green light, but he and I were here in his studio, working.
He picked up another of the base-line humans that our joy-riding youth liked to abduct in their space-jalopies and looked at it critically. Then he took on of their limbs and pulled on it, teasing it out to three times its starting length. The human howled, a mournful, animallstic sound. When the limb was long enough, he connected it to a second base-line human, inserting it in a convenient hole. The second human now yowled as well.
"Is this a sonic sculpture?" I asked. I was bored, and wanted someone to shoot, or at least maim.
"No," said Master Licko. "I'll burn the vocal cords out when all the connections are made. It never seems to have any long-term effects on the sculpture."
"What are you calling this one?"
"Just connexions," said Master Licko. "It's a study in how humans come together."

g2 (la pianista irlandesa) said...

Geez, both of yours are quite good. Greg, yours is making me incredibly squirmy... last time I was this squirmy was when I borrowed my friend's hat and was told that if any ill was to befall it, my spine would be repurposed as a wind chime.

I thought I had something, but the idea was sketchy and my computer ate the note I had it on.

Must've not been particularly good because I don't remember a lick of it.

Ah well.

Marc said...

Greg - yes, they are :/

Hoping to find/make time for something a little longer soon.

That is just so... casually horrifying. That 'convenient hole' line is too good though.

g2 - that is a fine threat. I think I shall have to make use of it :)

And ah well indeed. Next time, perhaps, your idea shall not be quite so fleeting.