Saturday May 4th, 2013

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: Icarus.

Today's topic inspired by this song, which I discovered during a recent click-along adventure on YouTube (hey that song looks interesting... hey, so does that one... and that one...).

With some help from a friend's brother, we got quite a bit of good work done today. Finally made a dent in all the work we need to do with the strawberries, plus I got him to finish some other tasks that I had no real interest in doing myself.

Money well spent, I reckon.


Blessed with the gift of wings,
He set off to see things
From a whole new point of view...
But forgot his parachute.


Greg said...

Your poor Icarus!

They say pride comes before a fall,
And Icarus was proud'st of all.
He soared to reach the golden sun,
...and then he turned his jetpack on.

Marc said...

Greg - indeed. Apparently he should have foregone the parachute in favor of a jetpack!

Also: your opening line makes me want to write one that involves a fellow named Pride...