Thursday May 16th, 2013

The exercise:

Tell me a tale that has something to do with: medication.

I don't remember the last time I felt the need to actually take cold medicine when I was sick. Normally I just wait it out and don't bother. Not this time.

It's that time of year again: tomorrow we prepare for our first farmers market of the season. Assuming the forecast for Saturday doesn't get much worse. And that I'm feeling well enough to go.


The relationship
Left him devastated,
And heavily medicated.

The days were long,
The nights much longer.
He believed the liars
Who said he'd end up stronger.

At last he knows what must be done,
No longer haunted by doubt.
So she better start running,
Now that his pills have run out.


Greg said...

Good luck with the market tomorrow! I believe that most cold medicine just addresses the symptoms, and that the cold with take its standard 7±2 days to clear up anyway, so it should make you feel better at least for a while :) I always find that lots and lots of hot fluids work best, but you could try infusing ginger and lemon to make a tisane and sweetening it with a soup├žon of honey.
Great poem, the cold's clearly not interfering with your writing! I really like the first two verses and was a little disappointed that it wasn't longer.

The Storm Shelter shook violently as it bounced around the high-atmosphere jet streams. They were about a hundred kilometres out from the Great Red Spot and the ride got a little bumpy for a couple of months. Nerissa rubbed her eyes, which were hot and itchy, and coughed, which was wet and phlegmy. She had no clue how she could catch a cold when there were only eighteen staff in the Storm Shelter, but somehow they kept on coming. She blamed Max.
Someone tapped on her door, and she opened it hoping that it was Julia with some cold medicine. It was Julia – tall, willowy, auburn-haired and acid-tongued – but with Max and two of the security detail.
"What the hell?" said Nerissa, only it came out as "Whad de hedd?"
Julia smiled. "You asked for mediation," she said. "We can do that!"
"I assed for medicadon!" Nerissa started laughing despite herself. "Medicine, you fool!"

Marc said...

Greg - we like having hot water with lemon, honey, cinnamon sticks... and sometimes a bit of booze, just to top it off. Seems to work pretty good.

Ah yes, blaming Max for a cold is usually a safe bet... :)