Saturday May 11th, 2013

The exercise:

Following up on Monday's prompt, today we write a four line poem about something that is: flawless.

While I was weeding the third to last row of strawberries this morning, I made a rather alarming discovery: the berries are forming already. Must have been all that heat they've been getting recently.

Definitely time to finish weeding and mulching those plants.


Her beauty is beyond compare,
Her words have the perfect lilt!
Well her balance is quite fine
Atop the pedestal you've built.


Greg said...

I've kind of noticed the same thing; in the last two weeks here when Spring got pushed aside by Summer all of the plants have suddenly grown incredibly rapidly; the trees that were just starting to bud leaves are now impenetrably thick and bushy. It definitely feels like they've been waiting impatiently for warmer weather!
That's a great ending to those four lines, I smiled when I read it :)

She told me she was flawless,
The judge and doctor said so too.
But such perfection should be caged,
So I gave her to the zoo.

MosesMalone said...

Big hands, strong back, deep set eyes,
Low slung jeans, crocked grin
freckled nose, a flawless grace, and my heart flies.
Consuming his gloriousness, he pours me gin.

Her wayward hair and bright blue eyes
flawless skin and confident grin
She feeds our baby at her breast, and my heart flies.
It all began when I poured her gin.

It's Mother's Day so I felt I needed it to somehow be about a beautiful mother. So you get 8 lines instead :)

sara kingsland said...

Hi, I stumbled on your site last night. I love it, I think we all get stuck writing what we know, and this gives us a great opportunity to step outside of our comfort zone, and try something new. I, for example, really suck at poetry, but i'll give it a go anyways. :) Thanks for the awesome site!

Unconditional rare
flawless in it's beauty
give your heart, if you dare
because i love you truly, but what are you gonna do? :(

Marc said...

Greg - the zoo seems like a perfectly reasonable option in that scenario... :)

Mo - lovely. I'd say the extra four lines were very well spent :)

Sara - hello and welcome! I'm glad you found yourself in this little corner of the internet, and I hope you find the blog useful :)

And we all sucked at poetry at some point. Practice does help with that sort of thing :D

Also: that, in my humble opinion, did not suck. I quite like it actually.