Tuesday May 14th, 2013

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: rocks.

Very busy but successful day around these parts. Had two helpers in the garden this morning, so a lot more seeding was accomplished and, most importantly, the strawberries are now fully weeded and mulched.

This afternoon we sold some plants and things on our deck and our farm intern arrived. Brittany and her daughter are now settled into their tent in our backyard and training/working shall commence in the morning.

Max's cold... seems to be bothering him a little less at this point. Hopefully that carries through the night.


Her ten dead husbands
are with her always; a huge
rock on each finger.

*     *     *

This crushing weight is
not getting me what I want;
add another rock.


Greg said...

You had your plant sale on the same day that your intern started? That's organisation I can applaud :) And well done on getting all the strawberries sorted out already.
I think I like your first haiku better today, for all the subtle allusions going on in it.

The mountain's patient
dissolution into sand
leaves small rocks behind.


Grandma rocks her chair.
Stress'd wood soothes a baby's cries.
Day fades into night.

morganna said...

Smooth and round, layered
In the earth, a river ran
Through here long ago.

Digging out the garden
Clang! reverberates through my
Arms -- another rock!

MosesMalone said...

Good-bye, my dear friend
Margarita on the rocks
One last dance party.

Rock out. Dance on bar.
Oh, God. I’m too old for this.
Drink some nice hot tea.

Marc said...

Greg - organization, or a complete lack thereof :P

Jeez, both of yours are great. I really can't pick a favorite this week.

Morganna - oh man, can I ever relate to your second one. Friggin' garden rocks.

Mo - hah, great pair of haiku. I think I like your first a little bit better, but it is a close race.