Monday February 3rd, 2014

The exercise:

Write about: the attack.

Happy to report that Max is fine, just going through normal teething stuff. Nothing to worry about, no teeth need to be pulled.

Though the dentist did think that with things looking so crowded in there that Max is likely headed for braces later in life.

Hopefully not, but I'll take the good news for now.


He never suspected it was coming. Later, once the debris had finally settled, he would wonder why that was. There were signs; of course there were. Hints of the violence that would shatter his life, break his faith, were plentiful.

If he'd been looking for them they would not have been hard to spot. If he'd had any reason to be suspicious. If he had trusted a little less, questioned a little more.

If, if, if...

The lesson has been learned though. His defenses, rebuilt and reinforced, are firmly in place at all times now. Weaknesses have been shored up or eliminated entirely. There will be no further dropping of guards, or slips in attentiveness.

He will never be hurt like that again.


Greg said...

Glad everything went well with Max and the dentist, and braces are far preferable to extractions! Still, he's very young still, so neither might be necessary as he grows up.
That's a rather sad tale today, though I especially like the three-word third paragraph.

The attack
"It's an attach-dog," said the Green Lightbulb proudly. He was standing in front of a sad-looking beast that appeared to be a German Shepherd crossed with a squid. Ink-black eyes peered out of a furry head with sharp teeth and a pointed jaw, while slimy-looking tentacles waved semi-aggressively around it.
"Don't you mean an attack-dog?" asked Dr. Septopus. He was feeling slightly aroused, and it was making him uncomfortable. "You point it at people and make them sick?"
"Pffff." Sylvestra tossed her head and her hair rippled around her in an hypnotic chiaroscuro. "You point the dog and people and say sic! That's the command for attack."
"That sounds rather violent," said Dr. Septopus taking a step back and eyeing the dog rather more cautiously. "I'm not sure I was one of them in the house."
"It's an attach-dog," said the Green Lightbulb, pouting. He stamped a foot, rather ineffectively as he was standing on damp grass. He splashed a little. He pointed at Dr. Septopus. "Seize!"
The dog bounded across the grass ridiculously quickly and leapt at Dr. Septopus, who threw his tentacles up in shock. The squiddog's tentacles wrapped around him, and with a disturbing sucking noise dragged the squiddog in close. Black eyes peered at each other, and the dog's breath condensed on Dr. Septopus's moist skin.
"I'm impressed," said Sylvestra, nodding. "But can you stop Dr. Septopus from humping your dog's leg?"

Marc said...

Greg - I wouldn't have been so concerned if so many people hadn't been so eager to share tales of young kids needed teeth pulled for various reasons. I'm glad it didn't come to that for Max at least.

An amazing visit with the gang, as usual. The... chemistry between the doctor and the dog is... something else :P